Strait Regional Heritage Fair showcases culture and history

PORT HAWKESBURY: It’s that time of year again for young historians in the Strait area to attend the Strait Regional Heritage Fair.

During the past several months, Grades 4 to 9 students presented their projects at local school fairs. Those students selected to participate in the 19th annual Strait Regional Heritage Fair are now busy putting the final touches to their projects.

The fair is scheduled for Friday, May 3 in the Bear Head Room at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre . The public is invited to view projects beginning at 2 p.m. with the awards ceremony scheduled to begin at approximately 2:45 p.m.

Approximately 80 students will present their projects at this year’s event. Up to eight projects will continue on to the Provincial Heritage Fair to be held from June 6 to 7 at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. In addition to monetary prizes by grade level and special awards, a Chromebook will be presented to each of the top two overall student projects.        
Strait Regional Heritage Fair planning committee coordinator Kathy Rhodes explains that the fair is designed to encourage youth to explore local and Canadian culture and heritage.

“Participation in the heritage fair provides students with an excellent educational opportunity, one in which they enhance their research, writing, presentation, and public speaking skills. It also provides them with a sense of accomplishment while learning more about their heritage and culture.”  

The Strait regional centre for education continues to receive outstanding participation and support from students, staff, parents/guardians and members of our school communities. The Strait Regional Heritage Fair Committee would like to thank the students for their ongoing dedication to participating in the event, the teachers for their exceptional efforts in helping students develop top-quality projects, and the parents/guardians for supporting their children as they prepare their projects.         
The projects will be judged on strong historical/heritage component, written documentation to prove historical research, presentation, creativity, and quality. There are four project aims. They are to: encourage all Canadians to celebrate their part in Canada’s history; heighten awareness of our Canadian heritage; create an exciting learning environment for students; and promote and publicize the variety and uniqueness of Canadian heritage.

All students will receive participation certificates and first and second place prizes at each grade level will be awarded. In addition, awards will be presented in the following project categories of Acadian, African Canadian, Literacy, Indigenous, Metis and Inuit Peoples, Veterans, Gaelic, Cultural, and a Student Choice Award.
The Strait Regional Centre for Education would like to thank heritage fair committee members, Kathy Rhodes, Lisa Morrow-DeCoste, Christopher Martins, Sabrina Skinner, and Lorraine Reddick for their outstanding leadership and dedication to providing students with an excellent educational opportunity. The heritage fair is truly a national event that inspires lasting memories, new friendships and experiences that will strengthen students’ connections to the history of Canada.