Strait Regional Science Fair

The Grand Prize winners at the 2018 Strait Regional Science Fair on April 12 included (from the left): Taylor Smith of Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional School, 4th Overall; Caroline MacKeen of Chedabucto Education Centre / Guysborough Academy, 3rd overall; Lyza Ells of Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional School, 1st Overall. Not present: Ozan Ürkmez of Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional School, 2nd Overall.
Photos by Melanie Holder
Division awards were distributed for young scientists in grades 3 through 6. Grade 3 Bronze recipients included (In no particular order) Donald Googoo, Oliver Duggan, Silver: Hunter Delorey, Leah White, Gold: Joseph Brushett. Grade 4 Bronze: Nathan Kole Campbell, Ethan MacDonald, Anna Cooke, Jasmine Cox. Silver: Gracie Hawes, Karly Boyle, Divjot Kalsi, Grade 4 gold: Wafeeqa Ahmed, and Isla Corkum. Grade 5 Bronze: Branden Poirier, Aiden Campbell, Sophie Hawes, Katie Sponagle. Grade 5 silver: Alexa Beaton, Regan MacDonald, Chloe Phillips, Diamond MacKenzie. Grade 5 gold: Nolan MacNeil, Savannah MacDonald, Bridget Murphy, and Brooke Kennedy. Grade 6 Bronze: Julia Murray, and Nathan Cox. Grade 6 silver: Campbell MacIntyre. Grade 6 Gold: Jonas Tkacz.
Several deserving students received Strait Regional Science Fair (SRSF) and universary-sponsored bursaries, including (from the left) Taylor Smith, StFX University Scholarship and SRSF Bursary; Joey De Leebeek, Dalhousie University Science Faculty Bursary and SRSF Bursary; Hannah Gillis, SRSF Bursary; Jenna MacLennan, SRSF Bursary; Kira van den Heuval, Dalhousie Agricultural Scholarship and SRSF Bursary, and Monica Lumsden, St. Mary’s University Dean of Science Entrance Award.
The following grade 7 through 12 students received divisional awards at last week’s ceremony. Back row (From the left): Anja van den Heuval, Senior Bronze; Joey De Leebeeck, Senior Silver; Hannah Gillis, Senior Bronze; Roseline Adesola, Intermediate Bronze; Gianna Pellerin, Junior Silver; Morgan Landry, Junior Silver; Monica Lumsden, Senior Silver; Jenna MacLennan, Senior Bronze. Front Row: Taylor Smith, Senior Gold; Lyza Ells, Intermediate Gold; Caroline MacKeen, Junior Gold; Ispeeta Ahmed, Junior Gold; Miranda Fraser, Junior Silver; Kennedy Colwill, Junior Bronze; Andrea Zovatto, Junior Bronze; Kira van den Heuvel; Senior Silver.
Joey De Leebeeck (left) was awarded the Strait Regional Science Fair Nursing Prize, and Kira van den Heuvel received the Strait Regional Science Fair Chemistry Prize.
Outstanding projects in grades 7 through 12 received Challenge Awards at last week’s Strait Regional Science Fair in the SAERC Auditorium. Seen here are (Back row): Ispeeta Ahmed, Association of Science Teachers Prize; Roseline Adesola, Communication Award; Jenna MacLennan, NSCC Health & Human Services Prize; Nila Munro, Discovery Challenge Award; Lyza Ells, Environment Challenge Award. Front row: Caroline MacKeen, Health Challenge Award, NSCC Business Dept. Prize & NS Institute of Science Madallion; Jonas Tkacz, NSCC Trades & Technology Prize; Hanna Gillis, NSCC Health & Human Services Prize; Monica Lumsden, Environment Awareness Award; Kira van den Heuvel, Energy Challenge Award & Nova Scotia Power Prize; Anja van den Heuvel; Engineers Nova Scotia Award.
Special awards were presented to outstanding projects from elementary students. Back row (from the left): Jonas Tkacz, Grade 6 Communication Award; Nolan MacNeil, Grade 5 Communication Award; Caragh Kennedy, Grade 6 Best Visual Display; Diamond MacKenzie, Grade 5 Best Visual Display. Front: Divjot Kalsi, Grade 4 Communication Award; Aaron Fraser and Karly Boyle, Grade 4 Best Visual Display; Hunter Delorey, Grade 3 Best Visual Display.
Photo by Matt Draper
Tamarac Education Centre’s Joshua Whelan and Kayleigh Currie were two of the bright youths putting hard work into their projects at the annual science fair. The two collaborated on a project titled Fantasy Bridge.
Elementary Challenge Awards were presented to (back row, from the left): Jonas Tkacz, Challenge Award for Innovation; Joseph Brushett, Information Challenge Award; Wafeeqa Ahmed, Environment Challenge Award; Gracie Hawes, Energy Challenge Award; Brayden Boudreau, Health Awareness Award; Front row: Brooke Kennedy, Discovery Challenge Award; Divjot Kalsi, Health Challenge Award; Malcolm Pye, Mairi Lukeman, and Carmen MacMaster, Association of Science Teachers of the NSTU Science Education Award.