Workers help assemble this Nova Scotia Power transmission tower. The tower is one of six being built to facilitate a new power line crossing the Strait of Canso.

STRAIT AREA: A representative from Nova Scotia Power (NSP) said the installation of towers for a new transmission line is on schedule.

Tiffany Chase, a communications advisor with NSP said the project is still slated to be completed by the end of this year.

“I just spoke to the project manager and they’re looking at a December wrap-up for the construction phase of that project,” said Chase. “That’s weather permitting, of course.”


A previous release from NSP stated the new power line crossing the Strait of Canso will be 45 metres south of the existing crossing and will separate the two existing sets of lines onto two separate circuits, with three towers on each side of the Strait and three lines on each of the towers.

The release also states the existing crossing will remain in use and NSP will move navigation lights from the old crossing to the new, taller towers.

Contributed photo
Seen here is one of six new Nova Scotia Power towers crossing the Strait of Canso.

Chase said a heavy lift helicopter was needed to help complete the assembly of the six, 530-foot towers, making them the tallest transmission towers in Atlantic Canada.

“Then we’re using smaller helicopter as well to assemble things like smaller platforms and ladders for the towers,” she said. “So we’re really getting into a more exciting portion of the project visually for the people who are watching them as we complete the assembly.”

The project began in February.

“This will help us with service reliability because currently, if a connection were to lose power, it provides a disconnect between customers in Cape Breton and customers on the mainland,” said Chase. “By separating the two lines onto two different circuits, we’ll have a backup supply of power to keep the connection going. Additionally, it allows us to accommodate additional renewable energy that will be coming to the Maritime Link as well. ”