GUYSBOROUGH: Municipal tax rates aren’t changing for the municipality.

Council for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough approved the 2017-18 budget during a special budget meeting on March 22. Council maintained the residential tax rate at $0.61 per $100 of assessment while the commercial tax rate held at $2.58 per $100 of assessment.

Council included an additional local services rate of $1.51 for residential and $1.34 for commercial to be applied in Canso, which is also the same as the last two years.

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“Council does not foresee any increase in taxes in the upcoming year,” said Pitts.

Pitts said items in the budget include funds for the municipal landfill, as well as the regular upkeep of the public works department. He also said they have a significant budget for recreation. However, the proposed Chedabucto Lifestyle Centre was not included in the budget.

“We’re waiting, hopefully, to get some funding announcements,” said Guysbrough CAO Barry Carroll.

“Then, we’ll deal with the financing of that project afterwards.”