Photos by Matt Draper
A row of teachers caught a row of pies to the face from TEC students.
It isn’t hard to tell who had the most fun in the pie throwing event held at TEC last week.
It was a fund day of pie throwing, head shaving, and raising money for the IWK at Tamarac Education Centre on April 25.
This TEC teacher caught a few pies in the face as part of a fundraising event for the IWK.
TEC students had the rare opportunity to put a little pie in the eye of teachers and fellow students last week.
Margie Pace seemed to not mind losing her locks last week.
Teacher Chris Sturmy lost more than a little off the top while getting his head shaved during the Tamarac Education Centre fundraiser for the IWK.
Teacher Gina Boudreau offered TEC principal Suzanne Delaney a new hairdo on April 25 as part of a school fundraising event.
TEC students and teachers got in on the head shaving fun during a celebration for a successful IWK fundraiser on April 25.
Students held a draw to see who could hold the clippers when shaving the heads of these TEC workers.