Guardians of the Galaxy 2

So I occasionally (all the time) write about movies and because I am so incredibly awesome (at being terrible) I am rarely (often) wrong in terms of my predictions about the quality and/or the reception offered to films. However, when I am indeed wrong, I am usually spectacularly wrong. Here are just a few examples.

St. Elmos Fire: I have more than a little nostalgia for 80s movies, with the films of John Hughes holding a special place in my heart. With St. Elmos Fire, I assumed there would some sort of Hughes-esque plot and dialogue. As the title of the column might insinuate, I was terribly wrong. It was all kinds of boring. I did not get it at all. Granted, the movie seemed to be made for baby boomer kids and I was in my 30s watching it in the late 2000s, so perhaps it’s my fault for not seeing it when it was more relevant. Regardless, this was a yes that became a no.

St. Elmo’s Fire

Guardians of the Galaxy: I thought a movie about characters that I – a budding comic fan – didn’t know, would keep audiences at home. I thought a movie directed by James Gunn, whose previous two features were very indie would not play well to a large audience. I thought that Chris Pratt had no business headlining a blockbuster. I was wrong on all counts. It was a great film and in my top 10 for superhero movies.

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Battle Los Angeles: I will continue to trash this movie until I forget just how disappointed I was after leaving the theatre. I wanted to see something with shooting and explosions. I got something Roger Ebert referred to as “noisy, violent, ugly, and stupid” before giving it a half of a star. Not to speak ill of the dead, but Ebert was too generous. This thing didn’t deserve to be made, let alone seen.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: All I knew about this movie was it was based on an unfinished comic book series about a kid who lived in Toronto. Obviously, this was not much to go on so the only reason I saw it was I learned Edgar Wright was the director and I loved Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. I thought it would be silly and forgettable but I like supporting good directors. When a friend and I left the theatre, we were singing one of the songs from the movie and looking up when it was coming out for home release. I was pleasantly shocked.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

The Dark Knight: Another friend and I had a bet as to what would be the bigger movie, Iron Man or the Dark Knight. I like Robert Downey Jr. and I thought Batman Begins was just okay so I put my money on Marvel, which looking back, is still a safe bet. However, I lost and I lost big time. I don’t necessarily have the same love for this movie as others. I don’t think it is the greatest superhero movie of all time, which is a claim made by more than a few, but it is still very good. Regardless of quality, Batman blew Iron Man out of the water at the box office and I had to pony up some dough.

The Dark Knight

Anyway, that’s my tirade for this week. Over the next few weeks I will likely be complaining about politicians so I just wanted to get some silliness out now before I go into “try to avoid screaming at people in public” mode.

I’m done now.

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