Thank God for Strait Area Transit

Besides some medical appointments, this is the third time in the last two years that Strait Area Transit (SAT) has been a saviour for my mother.

Recently, my mother lost a brother and because of SAT, she was able to attend and take part in his Celebration of Life with her siblings and family. She was transported and cared for by SAT employee Jason Dorey.

My mother is a resident of St. Anne Community and Nursing Care Centre in Arichat and is not able to get out of her wheelchair without a lift and trained workers to lift her. Without this service, she would not be able to take part in these meaningful and essential gatherings in her life.

Living in a nursing home and being unable to walk sure makes you realize how valuable a service SAT provides to a rural community with no other service of this capacity available. Not only do they provide the service but they provide a compassionate affordable service.

On Saturday, my mother was picked up at St. Anne Centre, transported to St. Joseph’s Church in Petit de Grat, picked up after Mass, transported to the parish hall to join the family in a reception, then transported again to her residence at St. Anne Centre.

Without SAT, she would not have attended the funerals of her two brothers and sister in the last two years. In most cases, when residents like my mother have medical appointments, they travel by ambulance service which is a considerable cost to the province and to the patients themselves. At times, EHS is required but SAT provides a much more affordable service.

A lot of funding has been spent lately and to all good causes. I urge our municipal council and government officials to keep supporting this service for our seniors and low income residents.

Brenda Boudreau