PORT HOOD: Inverness County Cares (ICC) wishes to thank all those who have been so generous in providing funding to help them meet their fundraising goal of $60,000.
The heartfelt community support to meet this milestone is so much appreciated both here and in Kenya!

ICC and Chalice have just entered year two of their partnership to provide funding for the St. Charles Lwanga School near Nariobi, Kenya.  There are now 280 students at the school (Grades 9 to 12).When ICC first became involved with the school in 2012 there were 100 students. As the student population grew, so did the financial contribution.

The budget this year is $120,500 where each of the two partners is providing $60,250. The budget for year one, which went from September 2015 to September 2016, was $133,500 and provided a much improved food supply from the maize (ground corn) and beans that had been the daily staple since the school opened in 2010. Other improvements were regular pumping of latrines, clothing for students, a doctor at the school on a daily basis, salaries for some of the staff, a new van to transport students, bedding, more books, and stationary.

Six people with ICC connections visited the school this year at their own expense. Betty Jane Cameron of West Mabou spent one month living at the school while teaching music to the students. She enjoyed the students so much she hopes to return to the school this winter. Kathleen Moran and Chris Cairns of Judique, both pharmacists, plan to assist with medical supplies for the school. Coleen, Nora and Linda MacLeod of Shore Road in Judique spent a week with the students teaching computer skills. All were really impressed with the students and really enjoyed their time with them.

ICC hopes to provide regular updates to keep people informed on what is happening at the school, as well as how donations are being used.

The group invites the public to also check out its Web site which is updated on a regular basis at: