Rarely is an exclamation point within the headline of an editorial more appropriate than on the eve of an election.

In this case, school board and municipal elections are taking place around the Strait area on Saturday, and it is as important now as ever that anyone who can, votes in these very important elections.

While it is disappointing there are only two school board districts being contested this weekend, those being West Richmond and the Town of Antigonish, there will be at least one new face at the board and the possibility of another, along with the prospect of experienced board members returning.

On the municipal side, it was disheartening that not enough candidates stepped forward for Mulgrave Town Council, but there will be a race for the mayor’s chair, which is proof of the uselessness of electing town councillors who will be out of their positions in months, and the importance of electing a mayor who will continue representing the town after dissolution.

There will be a number of other high profile contests in the region, including the race for Port Hawkesbury Town Council, featuring two former town councillors, one incumbent, and a number of new faces to municipal politics.

There are many new names on the ballot in Richmond County, where the new five-district system will be employed, featuring a four-candidate race in district 1 and a five-person contest in district 2, both on Isle Madame. While there are newcomers to the municipal scene offering their names this election, there are also five incumbents seeking re-election.
There are four incumbents seeking re-election in Guysborough County against four political newcomers, including a long-time Canso Town Councillor and incumbent who is facing two challengers.

There will definitely be a new councillor elected in Inverness County, with the possibility of more, as there are three districts being contested on Saturday, including the districts of the warden and deputy wardens.

Antigonish County will also elect at least one new councillor, with others looking to unseat incumbents, including district 2 which featured a very close finish four years ago, ,and the warden is facing two challengers in his district.

Democratic involvement is very robust in the Town of Antigonish where three people are running for mayor and 10 candidates have their names on the ballot for town council, including a number of newcomers, incumbents and former elected representatives.
This adds up to a fascinating Saturday, where there will be surprises, disappointments, and successes all at the same time.

In the face of this much excitement, how could anyone sit this out?