Three candidates step forward in Mulgrave

MULGRAVE: A trio of candidates is vying for a pair of seats on town council.

Three people, Bob Russell, Michael Shaw, and Tanya Snow all filed nomination papers to run for the two vacant seats on Mulgrave Town Council. The special election is set for June 3 and will be held on June 3. Advanced polls are on May 27 and 30.

Snow said she decided to run because she feels the area needs a fresh start.

“I think we need to clear the slate and start again and get some new ideas out there,” she said. “Regardless of what happens with this election, it’s going to be a win-win for Mulgrave.”

As for what she brings to the table, Snow said she worked for 12 years as a paramedic, on top of her volunteering, and is used to dealing with the public.

“I think I’ll bring that perspective of always looking out for the public’s best interests,” she said.

Russell said he decided to run after speaking with other residents.

“I think that I can assist the town in getting ourselves straightened back out again,” said Russell. “I had quite a few people ask me to run.”

Russell said he is new to the arena of municipal politics and is boning up on what the job will entail.

“This is something new for me so I’m still trying to read up and find out what exactly all my duties would be,” he said. “I really hope that everything goes well. Whoever gets in, I hope it’s a benefit to the town.”

Shaw, who moved to the area in 2014, spent a lot of time working in Alberta.

“I was thinking, where I’m going to be planted around here, and from what I gather, Mulgrave is having a few situations, that maybe if I was involved, I can share some of my knowledge about budgetary [use] and try to help them out with my experience,” said Shaw.

“It’s the first time I ever ran for a council but I am here to help out the town and I think I have a lot of offer. We’ll see how it goes.”