Time to end the Carbon Tax cover-up

Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives have been calling on Justin Trudeau to finally reveal how much the carbon tax will cost regular Canadian families.

Over the last two years, the Liberal government has refused to release key facts about the true costs of the carbon tax. Instead, they only provide the public with censored documents.

Canadians are being left in the dark about the added costs that their families will now have to bear because of Trudeau’s new tax.

Justin Trudeau promised to help middle class families. Instead, he’s failing them by hitting them with a carbon tax that will make everyday life more expensive.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report found that the carbon tax will take $10 billion out of the Canadian economy by 2022 – while other estimates say it could be as much as $35 billion lost per year.

This hurts Canadian workers and their families, and chases away investment and jobs.

Canada’s Conservatives know families deserve better than this.

We are determined to get the truth about Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Cover Up.

And an Andrew Scheer Government will get rid of the carbon tax in 2019.

Rob Moore

Conservative Shadow Minister

for Atlantic Issues