Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with some university students and other visitors following the celebration of life for Allan J. MacEachen on September 17 in Antigonish.

“With our new operating system, there are going to be some bugs like that, I think, that we’ll discover as it operates.”

Andrew MacPherson, project engineer with Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal on July 5, explaining why the swing bridge at the Canso Causeway was stuck in the open-for-sea traffic position for around 94 minutes on June 25

“We’ve been here longer than 150 years, and we will continue to be here, as Mi’kmaw people and indigenous people, throughout the world.”


Madonna Bernard on July 12, discussing the demonstration that took place at Auld’s Cove on Canada Day to draw attention to concerns that exist throughout Canada’s indigenous communities

John Beaton

“We thought we would bring out the best in people in terms of a competition and see what kind of ideas people come up with.”

John Beaton, CEO of the Eastern-Strait Regional Enterprise Network on July 12, discussing the motivation behind the July launch of the Start Up Port Hawkesbury competition.

James Goyetche

“There are benches there and playground equipment that aren’t safe for any individuals.”

Richmond Municipal Councilor James Goyetche on July 12, expressing concerns at the July meeting of Council about the state of equipment at the Arichat playground

Laurie Cranton

“I won’t give up, but we aren’t in very good shape at all.”

Inverness Municipal Councilor Laurie Cranton on July 19 following a vote by council to rescind motions that would have resulted in municipal funding for an expansion of an airstrip in Margaree

“We don’t want an incident to occur and someone get hurt.”

Inverness County warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie on July 26, discussing the state of the government wharf in Port Hood, which had been falling into disrepair for several years and suffered damage during a winter storm last year

“Other communities in other countries don’t get the run around like Canadians do when an abandoned hulk shows up in their communities.”

Nanaimo-Ladysmith (British Columbia) MP Sheila Malcolmson on August 2, discussing what should be done abandoned vessels such as the Dutch Runner during a visit to Nova Scotia

“It’s like I always tell my kids: don’t be afraid to go out and explore the world, and if you fail, you learn from it. It’ll only make you stronger.”

Marcella Timmons on August 2, describing her decision to open her Port Hawkesbury restaurant the Treasure Trove Diner which she has been running with her partner Jason Boudreau since it was opened in May

“It was the right guy-right time. If you’re a religious person you’d say God had a plan.”

RCMP Sgt. David Simpson on August 9, explaining how a passing motorist with a water tank attached to his vehicle helped put out a brush fire near College Road in Lochaber on August 1

Amanda Mombourquette

“It doesn’t belong to any one of us; it belongs to all of us.”

Amanda Mombourquette, executive director of the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce on August 16 discussing the official opening of the new Business Service Centre at 609 Church Street in Port Hawkesbury

“The reason we’re doing it is for safety reasons, and because it’s a safety hazard to the Town of Port Hawkesbury.”

Port Hawkesbury Councillor Hughie MacDougall on August 23, discussing the move to prohibit yard sales, flea markets, and similar activities from setting up shop at a paved property on Reeves Street which formerly housed an Irving gas station

“Right now, from a business point of view in the Strait area, the unfortunate reality is that we have to be very, very watchful of what’s going on.”

Derrick Fox, owner of Norvon Enterprises August 30, discussing a theft of equipment from his business in late August

“That’s an amazing feeling.”

Tareq Hadhad, on September 13, referring to the opening of Peace By Chocolate’s factory in Antigonish

Dr. Kent MacDonald

“It also recognizes that we have been doing work over the years but this is a deeper commitment, institution-wide, to do even more going forward.”

StFX University president Kent MacDonald, on September 13, speaking about StFX raising the Mi’kmaq flag

“May the blessings of God attend you, Allan. May you rest in the peace you have so honourably earned.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on September 20, during a celebration of the life of Allan J. MacEachen

“The forge sits was a constant physical reminder that one of the things that was celebrated on this spot 50 years ago was that Isle Madame’s history predates Canada’s by a long time.”

Isle Madame Historical Society member Anne Leavitt, on September 20, speaking during the 50th anniversary of the LeNoir Forge

Dr. Annamarie Hatcher

“The way I sometimes describe it is that we’re like a dating service, introducing groups, communities, and people to their ecosystem.”

Dr. Annamarie Hatcher, on September 27, speaking about the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Reserve Association

“I think it’s very important that it shows Richmond County Council is very progressive in their approach to try and attract industry to the municipality.”

Bear Head LNG representative Paul MacLean, on October 4, speaking about his company reaching a tax tentative agreement with Richmond Council

Lloyd Hines

“They’re essentially robbed of their heritage.”

Guysbrough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines, October 4, speaking after the province invested around $2.7 million to help African Nova Scotians gain clear title to their land

“I think we want to create a sense in communities and for citizens that people care about this issue.”

Strait Area Community Response to Sexual Violence Network representative Nancy O’Regan, on October 11, speaking about the network’s “Every Door Is The Right Door” campaign

Betty Ann MacQuarrie

“If you don’t pay your water bill, there are circumstances similar to if you don’t pay your power bill.”

Inverness Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie, on October 11, taking after council announced there was $211,000 owing in water bills to the municipality

“We’re after intact, fully functioning ecosystems that are representative of the region.”

Nature Conservancy of Canada program director Craig Smith, on October 18, referring to the NCC’s protection of three new properties as part of a plan to protect unique ecosystems in Cape Breton

“I would like to make sure we’re comparing apples to apples here.”

Guysborough Warden Vernon Pitts, on October 18, speaking about the Strait Area Mayors and Wardens Committee’s displeasure regarding the closure of a Property Valuation Services Corporation office in Port Hawkesbury

Chief P.J. Prosper

“The… project represents a true partnership between the Crown and Paq’tnkek Mi’kmaw nation.”

Paq’tnkek Chief P.J. Prosper, on October 25, speaking about provincial and federal funding totaling $15.3 million for the Paq’tnkek Interchange Project

“I really think our service has become a part of the community fabric.”

Antigonish Community Transit (ACT) Society general manager Dale Bogle, on October 25, speaking about the usage increasing in the area for ACT

“People have to keep a respectful distance from these animals and not pursue them as they are trying to feed.”

DFO communications advisor Krista Peterson, on November 1, speaking about humpback whales in the Strait of Canso

“I’m really excited to try and create a business here that I would love to have seen growing up.”

Start-up Port Hawkesbury contestant Liam Brophy, on November 1, speaking about his potential business, Island Enigmas Escape Room

“Some will tell you what you really want isn’t on the menu. Don’t believe them. Cook it up yourself.”

Buffy Sainte Marie, on November 8, as part of her speech at StFX titled “Power in the Blood, Justice in the Soul”

Randy Delorey

“Opioid use is a growing concern across the country.”

Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey, on November 15, speaking after St. Martha’s Regional Hospital received provincial funding for a new opioid treatment facility

“All in all, it was really positively received.”

Maritime launch Services president Steve Matier, on November 22, speaking about a town hall meeting regarding his company’s plan to build a rocket launch site near Canso

“We certainly regret there are closures and know that people are concerned in the community.”

Nova Scotia Health Authority public affairs director Greg Boone, on November 22, speaking about ER closures in the Strait area

“Gerry had to shake hands and see everybody. He had this knack for making people know he was listening to them.”

Gabriel LeBlanc, on November 29, speaking about former colleague Gerry Doucet, who passed away

Michelle Tabensky

“I’m pretty happy and I’m glad everybody has confidence in me.”

Start-up Port Hawkesbury winner Michelle Tabensky, on November 29, referring to her win in the contest

“Maybe we need to scale these projects back a bit or fund-raise a bit longer.”

StFX History Professor Peter McInnis, on December 6, following criticism of some of the funding partners in the new Mulroney Hall at the Antigonish University

Annie Maltby

“It was nice to hear from the people speaking that even though we’re younger, we can still make a difference.”

Tamarac student Annie Maltby, on December 6, who took part in WE Day Atlantic

David Morgan

“We’ll make it a big party.”

Celtic Air Services president David Morgan, on December 13, speaking about the air show coming to the local air port

Colleen Cameron

“There were tears coming because it’s something that we’ve been working on.”

Antigonish Affordable Housing Society (AAHS) chair Colleen Cameron, on December 13, following the announcement of AAHS receiving $100,000 in the Aviva Community Fund Contest

“He was a great supporter and mentor to all of us.”

We’koqma’q First Nation Chief Rod Googoo, on December 20, speaking about the recently deceased Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy

“It means everything to me. I couldn’t describe it.”

Margaret White, on December 20, speaking about getting to see a long lost bedspread her deceased brother sent home during World War 2