ANTIGONISH: The Warden of Antigonish County is participating in a Warden’s Tour, going across the county with council members, and meeting with constituents.

So far, he has participated in four meetings and two more are coming up. One is scheduled for tomorrow (February 28) in Pomquet and then one is scheduled next week in Lakevale.

Owen McCarron, the county’s warden, said following the municipality’s regular council meeting February 19, the intention is to get out to the whole county over a course of a year, and to date, the response has been very good.

“We’re getting great turn-outs in each of the communities, and there are lots of good discussions,” he said. “It’s an opportunity for me to connect with people throughout the area, but it also allows us to let people know some of the things that are happening within the county.”

McCarron said it’s a good opportunity to showcase what goes on, and it’s that open dialogue and discussion back and forth between, constituents and their representatives, that’s really rewarding.

“Probably one of the biggest issues so far, has been road conditions to be honest, so we feel that is important to bring that message back to the people who have the responsibility and we’re doing that,” he said. “We’re collecting all the information and we’ll compile that and let our friends at [the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal) know what we’re hearing, just so they have some first-hand knowledge.”

McCarron said discussions have been quite a cross-section of topics including; recreational opportunities throughout the county, other programs that are available to people, taxes and how the county budgets are built and some of the service provided.


ANTIGONISH: The warden of Antigonish County says the new business development park that announced their first tenants as Century Nissan will be a much needed commercial boost for the region.

Owen McCarron said the East Gate Ridge development signifies to the greater community that Antigonish is a great spot to develop a business.

Following the regular council meeting on February 19, McCarron told reporters a big portion of the county’s revenue comes through a residential stream so any time they have a commercial push, it’s nice to see.

With the public hearing taking place, and no opposition, the municipality will now move into the next phase of the development. Council will have the second reading and decide on final approval during March’s regular council meeting.

“As you can see from the development and activity over on the land, there’s a lot of work taking place, and it’s a nice location for sure,” McCarron said. “There will be nine commercial lots, and the first one will be the Nissan dealership so the county is very excited to see that development taking shape.”

Speaking on the recent developments along the exits on Highway 104, he noted they’d love to see more activity, but this signifies a bit of change, which is important.

“We have Nova Landing that has a couple of spots, [and] obviously we’d like to see all those areas push out, [but] that happens over time,” McCarron said. “Any time a development this size takes place, it takes some time to get everything in order but we’re hopeful this will start to spur on more development in the area.”


ANTIGONISH: The warden of Antigonish County says in recent weeks, the county has participated in three doctor recruitment meetings.

Following their regular council meeting February 19, Owen McCarron told reporters they have had an opportunity to sit down with a couple of physicians that are coming to look at the area and are being interviewed by the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

“Both myself and a council member from the town had the opportunity to sit in, interview and talk to the potential physicians,” he said, talking about the context of the meetings. “It gave us a good opportunity to highlight some of the things in Antigonish town and county, and proposed why this is a good place to set up shop.”

McCarron said he thinks it’s important anytime you have an opportunity to highlight the value of the community and to do so for someone new coming in Having someone from both town and county there representing the area, brings it to a different level in terms of giving local knowledge to some new people looking at the area.

“It is just us trying to be pro-active, as the health authority has people coming in, they’re giving us an opportunity to meet with those people,” he said. “So it is a pro-active approach; we just feel it’s good and we’re just happy to be a part of it.”


ANTIGONISH: The launch of Nova Scotia’s newest music festival has the Warden of Antigonish County hopeful it will be just what the region needs.

Last month, organizer Ray Mattie unveiled the platform behind the festival and the inaugural line-up during a launch event at The People’s Place Library in Antigonish.

Following their regular council meeting on February 19, Antigonish Warden Owen McCarron said it certainly looks like it’s going to be an action-packed event.

Hitting the Nova Scotia Summer Fest stage for the first time will be former Great Big Sea frontman Allan Doyle; Juno award winning rapper Classified; Halifax rocker Christine Campbell; sisters Cassie & Maggie and local favourite Anna Ludlow.

McCarron noted the municipality is hopeful that things will go well on the inaugural Nova Scotia Summer Fest and believes it could grow into a premier music festival for Atlantic Canada.

“There seems like there is going to be great entertainment.”

He said the location of the venue being at Keppoch Mountain will bring an added aspect that no other festival in the province has.

“Something like this is probably going to take some time to build up however we’re optimistic that it’s going to be a successful event.”