Warden expecting success from significant projects

GUYSBOROUGH: The Warden of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough says there are a number of projects he’s looking forward to getting off the ground in 2019.

Vernon Pitts says the latest development with Anaconda Mining Inc. – filing their updated technical report for their proposed 125-hecatre mine in Goldboro – comes as tremendous news and he believes the site’s future will be bright.

“As I’ve stated since day one, I think there’s far more gold reserve there than anyone thinks there is,” he said following December’s regular municipal council meeting on December 12. “A hundred-years-ago when they were mining in that area, if they could make a profit mining gold with the technology of the day, imagine what is there using the technology we have in this day and age.”

Pitts adds the municipality is working very closely alongside Anaconda representatives and said it wouldn’t surprise him to see the project take-off in the first part of 2019.

“We’re hand-in-hand to go through this process, we, they, all of us know where the hurdles are, the hoops you have to jump through,” he said. “And by working hand-in-hand going through the process together we’re looking forward to the start of this project.”

Pitts is also welcoming the news from Melford Atlantic Gateway that site clearing will begin on the 700-acres of land along the Strait of Canso once the ground freezes. He said Melford is a project that continues to make progress.

“They are in contact with carriers, they have an operator, they have the property, they have a project on paper,” Pitts said. “Our council is waiting to see some movement on the ground. My understanding is, they’re going to clear the site in the very near future, and following that I would expect you’re going to see some sort of activity take place.”

The project, one that work started on nearly a decade ago, would see a 315-acre marine container terminal built on the western shore of the Strait of Canso. The $450 million facility would be become the closest North American port on the Great Circle Route to Europe and Asia via the Suez Canal.

“What it entails is it’s taxation for our municipality, but more so than taxation, it’s jobs,” Pitts said. “It’s must needed jobs. That’s what our municipality is after. We’re after residents.”

The municipality believes that 2019 will be very prosperous and will continue to be optimistic about current, pending and future endeavours.

“We go into this with our eyes wide-open, positive attitude, and good things are going to happen,” Pitts said. “It’s just sometimes it takes a little longer than what we all want, but hey – eventually we’ll come out of this on top.”