GUYSBOROUGH: A former cable building has seen the last of its days.

On September 5, the former Commercial Cable Station in Hazel Hill came down. Warden Vernon Pitts commended the Commercial Cable Rehabilitation Society (CCRS) for their efforts in trying to keep the building open, noting the group did its very best.

“The stars didn’t line up,” he said. “They couldn’t get an anchor tenant. The building… had become a safety hazard. Whereas the municipality is liable, we made the only logical choice.”

The CCRS previously announced the group would tear down the building following a meeting on June 19, 2014. The CCRS owned the building and had been trying to rehabilitate it but later turned it over to the municipality.

“No one likes to lose any infrastructure, be it of an historic nature or a piece of new infrastructure, we don’t like to see that,” said Pitts. “But hopefully, looking down the road, council will maybe look at putting something onsite there just to let people know what was there, some interpretive panels and stuff like that.”

Pitts said the foundation of the building remains on site.