Waste not, want not at Kid2Kid Consignment

SAMSONVILLE: The spirit of waste not, want not is alive and well at Kid2Kid Consignment, where secondhand children’s items are given a new lease on life.

Toys, games and books are also among the items Burke sells in her consignment shop in Samsonville.

Shanna Burke owns and operates the children’s consignment shop in the garage of her Samsonville home, where she sells gently-used clothing, toys and other baby/child items. She opened in June, taking over where Finders Keepers Consignment left off when owner and friend Paula MacDonald closed her at-home business to open B & E General Store in St. Peter’s.

Burke, a mother-of-two who provides childcare in her home, took note of the community response to the closure and felt compelled to fill the void.


She began some minor renovations and just like that, her once-empty garage was empty no more.

All of Paula MacDonald’s 93 clients from Finders Keepers moved over to Kid2Kid Consignment.

“So, I basically opened with a full store,” Burke recalled.

She has since generated 35 new consignors and uses the upper level of her garage as storage for out-of-season items and overstock.

Pictured alongside her business road sign in Samsonville, Shanna Burke runs Kid2Kid Consignment in her garage.

The rest of her garage is a well-organized space for clothing from newborn and toddler sizes to 7/8 in boys and girls sizes, small and large toys, car seats, bassinets, baby carriers, crib bedding, photo albums, books and more.

She no longer accepts stuffed animals, having learned that they don’t sell well and require significant space, but she ensured they did not go to waste. Burke washed the plush items and donated them to the Festival of Trees in St. Peter’s for Santa to distribute to the children.

She follows a pricing chart to ticket the items and operates under a 50/50 consignment rate.

Burke routinely posts photos of new items to her business page on Facebook and says it has been a valuable tool for advertising and direct sales.

“I would say it’s a huge part of being as successful as I feel I am. As soon as you post stuff on there people grab it right away. I do hold things so people like that as well. It’s hard to do with the clothes but with the toys and bigger items like high chairs, strollers, swings, and things like that it’s pretty easy,” she says of her social media activity.

The business page also allows customers to contact her with specific requests and to make arrangements to visit by appointment if regular hours are not convenient.

“I’m pretty flexible with hours. I say my hours are 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. through the week and 5-7 p.m. on Thursday evenings but lots of people come other hours and I’m fine with that too.”

She also points to electronic money transfers as helpful.

“I hardly ever see money,” she notes.

Burke credits her daughters Kaitlin and Kendra for their part in the success of the last several months and expresses gratitude to customers who have kept items moving in and out of the shop at a steady rate.

In addition to the financial incentive, Burke says the business has been a great way to meet new people and reconnect with old acquaintances. In particular, she enjoys seeing parents return with their growing children.

An avid supporter of and fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation, Burke has also taken the opportunity to give back by hosting a raffle on one of the shop’s larger stuffed animals before phasing out the plush items. The customer who brought in the large plush giraffe also donated her portion of the proceeds to the foundation.

Kid2Kid Consignment is located at 23 Fisherman’s Road in Samsonville. Gift certificates are available. For more information, search Kid2Kid Consignment on Facebook or call 631-2746.

Kid2Kid Consignment’s stock includes clothing from newborn sizes to 7/8 in youth boys and girls sizes.