In the last weeks, three political events have occurred: America (Trump) has become more demanding with NAFTA negotiations; Trump has suddenly pivoted towards Mexico on trade, thereby splitting (or attempting to split) the partners that might have stood firm against him; and Saudi Arabia has taken extreme offence over a small insult and seriously threatened to withdraw all regular students and student doctors from our country.

Make no mistake, these are not isolated events. Canada, with its exceptional healthcare and its excellent schools, is a beacon of democracy in our world and this concerted effort by bullies Trump and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, using mafia tactics to bring Canada into line, is happening right now.

We are being told in no subtle way: submit or we will crush you financially.

War has been declared against Canada! The guns of August are sounding again, only the weapons are financial this time. Our grandfathers sacrificed blood for our democracy and we may be required to give both personal and public financial sacrifice in order to stand firm.

Are we up to the task? Or have our grandfathers died in vain?

Mary Pat Cude