Whedon welcome in the Hall of Justice

Alright, fine. I am on board with Joss Whedon taking a crack at the  Justice League . I wasn’t before, and I even told you good folks how I felt in this column…well, not this exact column because this one is different but you know what I mean. Stop being so picky.

  Anyway, here are my thoughts on what the master of the Buffy-verse can bring the Hall of Justice in order to turn the movie into something DC can build upon for a few years so.

  1. Whimsy. Whedon is all about the funny. The man can make you cry at the drop of a hat and he can obviously build strong story arcs and make up characters you actually care for. However, I think his greatest weapon is his ability to keep things funny, even in tense scenes. I believe this is essential for comic book movies without an R rating.

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  Look,  Logan  can be everything it wants to be and it was a very good movie…but…it was not a standard PG 13 comic book movie. Whimsy wasn’t needed because it was supposed to be a fairly brutal story about a man trying to be a hero one last time in a world where he’s no longer necessary.

  That’s all well and good, but that style will not work with a Justice League movie. There is a guy who swims and carries a giant fork, woman who is part god and fights with a lasso, guy who (over simplification) runs fast, a rich dude with anger issues, and a former jock who becomes part robot. There is nothing hard-boiled about that scenario (except for Batman, who is always cool) so it shouldn’t be treated as such. (I also purposely left out Superman as he’s appeared in none of the trailers and is still considered dead in the context of the film, although it won’t last long.)

  I think Whedon is probably the perfect director for what is essentially a reboot of a reboot because of his ability to ground films and characters using humor.

  2. He knows how movies are supposed to look. The common theme of DC movies so far is they don’t look particularly good. They are all well and good I suppose, but during  Batman Vs Superman  I kept wanting someone to adjust the brightness on the screen.  Wonder Woman  had a similar aesthetic in a few scenes and I hope this changes. It’s distracting and takes away from the movie. Why isn’t making a movie look good more of a priority for DC? Comics are supposed to be colourful and shiny. Comic book movies should reflect this aesthetic.

  3. Dialogue. This is in relation to the whimsy bit but warrants a separate mention. The dialogue in the DC movies so far has been clunky. I will forever make fun of the  Batman Vs Superman  scene when they are talking about the names of their mothers. It was stupid, and I disliked it. I want a movie I can quote out of reverence, not loathing.

  4. Hats. Wouldn’t you feel more at ease with a Batman in a bowler? Perhaps a nice fedora on Wonder Woman. No? I’m the only one? Fine. I officially hate this endeavor again.

  I’m done now.