Working for peace does not dishonour the sacrifices

By working for peace, hopefully these ultimate sacrifices will be a thing of the past.

On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, during the 11th month, we gather to remember the sacrifices of those who served and continue to serve their country.

Those who lost their lives in service to their country, or in service to their fellow human beings, have rightly earned an exalted status on occasions like this. No less celebrated are those who sacrificed their minds, their youth, or their bodies to a cause greater than themselves.

Those fortunate to return alive from combat or service understandably feel an unspoken obligation to their fallen comrades to keep their memories alive.

Those outside the military ranks also remember. We remember because we must. We cannot allow their sacrifices to fade from memory, we have to remember the atrocities of war, and we have to educate younger generations.

We must remember history so that the mistakes of the past are is not repeated. The world cannot survive another global conflict. Technology has advanced, weapons are more sophisticated and the potential for destruction and death is greater than ever before.

This mutually assured destruction kept the world from blowing itself up during the Cold War, and as technology has advanced greatly since the late 1980s, this threat of doom is even more relevant today.

That helps to maintain some global stability, for the most part, but the only way to truly ensure that wars become a relic of the past is to continue to work for peace.

That does not mean forgetting or denigrating the sacrifices of the past. On the contrary, they should be celebrated and their stories should be told to drive the point home even further that war is never the answer.

And in the meantime, the sabre-rattlers, the war mongers, and the blood-thirsty need to understand there is massive worldwide opposition to war, to death and destruction, and the world will not tolerate war as an option.

That means mobilizing against war by voting for politicians who oppose war, publicly protesting against war and getting friends, neighbours and families motivated for peace.

By thinking globally and acting locally, peace will win, and hopefully war will be relegated to a thing of the past.

It is up to us to remember so that peace wins.