In keeping with a positive mental attitude, I’ve decided to add to my life.

When I say that, I really mean improve. As to how or what I will improve, that’s trickier. I have certain goals I want to accomplish, but I’m keeping mum on them for now. However, I don’t mind sharing some of the avenues I am taking to secure those goals.

First of all, I will give yoga another go. I attempted this before but under terrible circumstances, insomuch as it was the tail end of a martial arts class and I just wanted to keep kicking things. I like kicking things.

At the time, stretching and moving very slowly held about as much appeal as eating kale and sleeping a full eight hours. Sure, it’s nice and all, but it’s boring. Now that I’m less focused on exciting and aiming for development, all of those things seem worthwhile.

Second, I’m going to find and work with a therapist. Again, I gave this one a go before but under terrible circumstances (none of which you need to hear) so a new start might be good. I’m not sure how one goes about finding a therapist but I spoke to my doctor and he gave me a few leads. With any luck, I’ll find myself a few new methods of dealing with, well, everything. If not, I’m not going to worry. Therapy works for some but it may not work for me so I won’t put any premature pressure on myself or the therapist.

Next on the menu are the gym and supplements. Are they the same thing? No, but I am including them together because they will both cover pretty much the same thing, since they will both focus on keeping my body healthy, which itself will keep my brain healthy. While I already attend a martial arts gym, I plan to hit up a weights and elliptical machine type of gym. Why? Learning how to do martial arts is a transformative influence on my life, but progress is necessary and the obvious route to progress is more exercise. I dislike running and lifting weights and pretty much everything else associated with the fitness industry outside of martial arts, but this seems like a good move.

As for the supplements, why not see if they can help? I’m not keen on putting things into my body which I can’t pronounce but there are plenty of things in nature I can’t pronounce so I can spare some coin and patience to test out a few things.

Finally, there is meditation. This one seems about as out-of-character as I can get. Even-keeled is not how I would describe myself on my best day but if I hope to achieve anything resembling clarity, introspection is probably key. Of all the things I’ve listed, I approach meditation with the most trepidation. For me, nothing in real life has caused me as much grief as my own brain. The thought of looking deep into my brain for extended periods of time makes me want to head to the closest buffet and close the place down.

On this though, I shall not waver. Meditation will get the longest if not the most scrutinizing look of all the items mentioned in the column.

It is possible none of these things will affect me at all. I’m not looking for a new me. I’m just looking to make me better. If these things help, cool. If they don’t, it’s not like I wasted my time. I tried something new. That in itself is a victory.

Seriously? I just wrote something somewhat hopeful without irony. This is going to be strange and new for me. Oh well. I guess 2018 will be the year of strange and new for me. Let’s get after it.

I’m done now.