Alicia Lake, coordinator of the Pan Cape Breton Local Food Hub.

SYDNEY: This September is a time to celebrate local in Cape Breton and pledge to source 50 per cent of shopping from local sources.

The “50% Local September Celebration” is an initiative led by a group of local food fanatics from the Cape Breton Food Hub, Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia, Better Bite Community Kitchen and local businesses who want to create a local celebration all month long. Some of the events that will be held include local food cooking workshops at the Better Bite Kitchen, a farm tour at Blue Heron Farm and a Farm to Fork dinner with Cruisin’ Cuisine on Friday, September 13.

Community organizer and owner of Punch and Jingles Ferments, Brenna Phillips says that, “At this time of the year Cape Breton producers are bursting with the most variety, the freshest ingredients and the tastiest of everything Cape Breton has to offer. Yet, with busy schedules September ends up being a month when it is easy to forget to shop local for many people.”

That’s why this September the group is highlighting all things local and asking everyone to pledge to eat as local as possible and join in a Local September Celebration.

The group encourages anyone who is interested in taking the 50 per cent local pledge, finding out about events or getting recipes to visit the Web site at: Also, anyone who is interested in attending or hosting an event or a tour at their Farmers’ Market is encouraged to visit the Web site and get in touch. Or follow along on Facebook at “50% Local September Celebration” or on Instagram at 50localseptember.

“Remember that when you buy local, the dollars you spend go towards supporting your community and your neighbours,” Executive Director of Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia, Justin Cantafio adds.