‘A Full Slate’ at the L’Ardoise Community Centre

During intermission these two Celtic Colours workers were selling CDs on behalf of the performing artists.
Photos by Julia Burke — This duo entertained the crowd at the L’Ardoise Community Centre with their traditional Newfoundland tunes, which had everyone’s toes tapping.
Nic Gareiss from the United States not only wowed with his percussive dance, he also showed the audience a traditional step dance during the grand finale on October 17.
(From the left0: Mario Colosimo, Paul MacDonald and Paul Cranford filled the L’Ardoise Community Centre with traditional tunes.
Two Celtic Colors workers are pictured before “A Full Slate” began on October 17. The L’Ardoise Men’s Club hosted the concert.
The L’Ardoise audience was treated to the talents of Saltfishforty a talented duo from Northern Scotland.
Greg Silver hosted the concert on October 17 in L’Ardoise.