Agreement sought in Chase the Ace dispute

PORT HAWKESBURY: The two sides locked in a dispute over the winnings from a Chase the Ace jackpot, will try to come to an agreement later this month.

A settlement conference, where the two sides will meet with the judge in chambers in an attempt to reach an agreement instead of going to trial, has been set for September 17.

“We’ll sit down with everybody with the judge and try to work out a settlement that makes everybody happy but that’s to be determined by how the parties approach it,” said Barbara Reddick’s lawyer, Adam Rodgers.

On August 27, a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge  granted an order to freeze half of the $1.2-million Margaree Chase the Ace lottery winnings until a verdict for the dispute has been reached.

Justice Patrick Murray presented his oral decision in Port Hawkesbury Supreme Court on Monday morning and granted the preservation order for the $611,319.50.

Earlier this month, Murray issued an interim order that Tyrone MacInnis could not spend his share of the Margaree Chase the Ace lottery jackpot, which he split with his aunt, Barbara Reddick.

During Murray’s oral decision, he said unfortunately, what should have been a joyous occasion was not.

“I am satisfied there is a serious issue to be tried in this case.”

Following Murray’s decision, Reddick told reporters she believes filing the lawsuit is the right thing to do and is worth the trouble.

“It is, for the principle. Don’t lie on me. He was my son, almost my son,” she said.

Unfortunately, Reddick believes her relationship with her nephew is beyond repair.

“He broke my heart.”