Anglican Church census from 1852

The 1852 Church Census was transcribed by Stirling Edwards in September, 2004, from the records of St. John’s Anglican Church in Arichat.

This list is among the papers of the Rev James Allen Shaw, the first Rector of St. John’s. It is dated about the time of his retirement in 1851. It is equivalent to a full nominal census of all non-Catholics on Isle Madame, almost 20 years before the first official nominal census in 1871. In most cases, it also gives the maiden names of the wives.

The names are obviously arranged in families. A few final surnames appear to have been added to the list later. These additions seem to be the names of future husbands.

LeVeconte, Jane (DeCarteret) 27

LeVeconte, James clerk 19

LeVeconte, Peter 2

McCormick, Sarah servant 30

Rindress, John trader 30

Hubert, Catherine C. 56

Hubert, Annabella C. 20

Rindress,John trader 30

Rindress, Ann C. 27

Rindress, Maria 6

Rindress, Elizabeth 5

Rindress, Mary 4 months

MacDonald,Catherine servant 25

Chandler, William Botsford barrister 40

Chandler, Maria (Hubert) C. 44

Chandler, Maria 22

Chandler, Elizabeth 17

Chandler, Lucy 15

Collier, Francis P.C. fisherman 36

Edwards,John C. farmer 50

Edwards, Catherine (Mauger) C. 52

Edwards, George C. 22

Edwards, Jane 21

Edwards, Mary 19

Edwards, John 17

Edwards, Francis 15

Edwards, Thomas 10

Luce, John tailor 39

Luce, Sarah (Wilson) widow 32 (Sarah is called “widow” here, but was the wife of John Luce at that time; she was the widow of Philip Amey)

Amie, James 14

Amie, Catherine 12

Luce, John 8

Luce, Sarah 4

Luce, Elizabeth 1

LeVesconte, Isaac C. trader 34

LeVesconte, Caroline (Jean) C. 32

LeVesconte, Peter 6

LeVesconte, John 4

LeVesconte, Isaac 3 months

DeBourier, Thomas clerk

Shaw, Thomas C. 34

Shaw, Eliza (Mauger) C. 32

Kehoe, Mary (Bew) 54

Kehoe, Caroline C. 22

Kehoe, Christina 20

Campbell, Donald shoemaker 65

Campbell, Mrs. ? 55

Campbell, Theresa 20

Campbell, Emma 18

Campbell, James 24

Campbell, Barbara (McLeod) 24

LeGrand, Philip C. trader 43

LeGrand, Ann C. 52

Binet, George 19

LeGrand, Harriet 13

Binet, Edward shopkeeper 29

Binet, Mary (Chandler) 22

McKinnon, Christina (Binet) servant 30

Ballam, John 58

Ballam, Jane (Jones) 58

Ballam, William 32

Ballam, James 30

Ballam, Mary Jane 28

Andrews, Elizabeth (Ballam) 25

Ballam, Margaret 23

Ballam, Maria 21

Short, Priscilla (Ballam) 19

Ballam, Louise 18

Ballam, John 17

Ballam, Edward 15

Tucker,William labourer 45

Tucker, John 3

Tucker, William 5

Tucker, Margaret 2

Tucker, Sarah 40

MacPhail, James clerk 16

Langley, Thomas labourer

Johnston, Thomas cooper 38

MacKenzie, Catherine 28

Shaw, Eliza (Jean) C. 43

Shaw, Agnes Allan 15

Shaw, James 13

Shaw, John 11

Shaw, George 8

Shaw, Eliza 6

Shaw, John Shaw Sr. C. teacher 60