Last year, the Municipality of the County of Antigonish officially revoked the permit for the Evolve Music Festival

ANTIGONISH: A new local music festival might find an audience this summer.

Council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish recently heard from residents of the Meadow Green Road who are looking at the idea of setting up what is now titled the “Black River Music Festival” on a nearby property which once housed the Evolve Music Festival.

“They’re looking at more of a country music type event over two to three days and they’re just working through the early details,” said Deputy Warden Owen McCarron.

“They’re looking at getting a permit and following all of the protocol.”

McCarron said the organizers made a presentation to council last Tuesday, noting the organizers plan to work closely with the municipality to ensure they follow all of the necessary rules around permitting.

McCarron listed the first weekend in August as the preliminary dates for the festival.

“The critical date is to have everything in place and meet all of the requirements by the first weekend in April,” said McCarron.

Last June, following the announcement of the Evolve Music Festival now setting up shop in Beersville, New Brunswick, organizer Jonas Coulter said there is zero chance of the event ever returning to Antigonish County.

In April, 2016, council officially revoked the license for Evolve after Colter failed to develop and implement a medical plan overseen by a licensed medical clinician, which was a condition in the special event permit for the festival.

McCarron said the Black River Music Festival organizers will have to follow the same permitting rules as the Evolve organizers.

“We’re very confident from the presentation that they’re well on their way to making this work,” said McCarron.

“They seem to be very excited about following the rules that we laid out and they know what’s required to pull off a concert. We want to work with them and I think they appear to want to work with us.”