ANTIGONISH: Municipal council has its plan.

During a committee of the whole meeting on September 17, Council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish approved its five-year capital plan.

Warden Owen McCarron listed a number of projects in the plan, some of which are already underway. Tenders went out last week for the waterline extension at Cameron Kinney Hill, which is almost complete; the repaving of Arbour Drive and Trotter’s Lane, which was awarded to Nova Construction; and waterline extensions for North Grant and between the Beech Hill-Church Street Extension.

The county also expects to see the arrival of a new garbage truck in the coming month.

“We’re pretty pleased with the plan overall with the capital plan,” said McCarron. “We’re quite pleased with our partners, both provincial and federal, in terms of infrastructure money to make those big projects go ahead.”

McCarron said council is happy with their federal and provincial counterparts, in terms of infrastructure planning. He said doubling the gas tax allowed the municipality to do the Cameron Kinney Hill project this year.

“Getting three projects out the door in one fiscal year is obviously something we’re pretty pleased with,” said McCarron. “It allows us to start to look forward to other plans and projects in the next two to three years.”