Antigonish native voices Justin Trudeau on The Simpsons

TORONTO, ONTARIO: A Toronto journalist who originally hails from Antigonish scored the role of a lifetime on an iconic cartoon as Canada’s top political leader.

Lucas Meyer, voiced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on last Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons titled “D’Oh Canada.”

Sunday night’s Canadian-themed episode see’s Lisa Simpson visit Niagara Falls and through a series of wacky mishaps, ends up receiving political asylum and eventually has an interaction with Meyer’s character.

“It’s almost hard to believe, it’s something that I never had anticipated. This was totally out of nowhere,” Meyers told The Reporter in a phone interview Tuesday morning. “It’s such a crazy story and one that I would have never never have anticipated. I got this e-mail from The Simpsons and the rest is history.”

The episode also features Lisa asking Trudeau about the SNC-Lavalin affair, in which Trudeau crawls out of the window of his office and down the side of the building.

“It’s very ironic as I had a back and forth with Trudeau, the day the SNC-Lavalin affair broke,” Meyers explained. “I was one of the reporters that had an exchange about how he was categorizing the way it was being reported and I pushed back on it quite a bit.”

Photo by the Canadian Press — Antigonish native Lucas Meyers played the role of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an episode of the long-running animated series The Simpsons which aired last Sunday evening.

In November 2017, Meyers put together an impression video and posted it on YouTube for family and friends. He posted a second one in June of 2018. Fast-forward two months and Meyers was auditioning to play Canada’s Prime Minister.

“Before we started, I asked how exactly they came across me,” Meyers explained. “They said you would think after 30 seasons, they would have a process in place with a rolodex or a catalogue with someone on standby for every possible scenario, but they really don’t. So they literally just Googled Justin Trudeau impressionist.”

Because of the little news coverage he received following posting the original video in 2017, National Post, Huffington Post and CTV all completed stories on Meyer’s impersonations, which also incldue Don Cherry.

Meyers said he remembers voicing the lines back in September but to see the episode come to life was really interesting.

“I voiced two scenes, but they didn’t use the second one, and I would argue I was better in the second scene,” he said. “The second scene would have closed the show with a scrum with reporters, which is my bread and butter.”

Being part of a show that is a pop culture icon was surreal for Meyers but seeing special guest voice Lucas Meyers in the credits was “just visually nuts.”

The Simpsons was like a hallmark. I grew up in the ‘Who Shot Mr, Burns’ era. That’s when it’s like the most quotable show ever and the fact that it’s in its 30th season is incredible,” he said. “The opportunity to be part of the show is something you can’t really pass up as you’ll never get asked again.”