Pictured is the former Arichat Academy.

As early as 1824, a functioning school existed in Arichat.

By 1834, the school faced insurmountable financial difficulties, and as a result, the creditors – primarily John Tyrrell, a prominent Arichat merchant – foreclosed on the property, but instead of closing it, Tyrrell hired two lay teachers. This continued until 1842 when the school was closed for want of a teacher.

In the summer of 1860, Les Freres des Écoles Chretiennes began teaching the boys of Arichat Academy.

In 1865 the provincial government passed an act which designated the Brothers’ school and the convent as high schools. This meant that all teachers were required to take examinations in English and the brothers refused to submit to this. They resigned and were replaced by lay teachers, one of whom was Remi Benoit.

The following Primary Level students’ names are taken from the registers of Arichat Academy beginning in 1924. In 1927, the teacher was Sr. Marie Ste. Prudent.

Arthur Stone, Charles Stone, Arichat

Cornelius Boucher, Albert Boucher, Arichat

Robert Wilson, Daniel Wilson, Arichat

Stephen Young, Frank Young, Arichat

Ignatius Wilson, Daniel Wilson, Arichat

Godfrey Boudreau, Alexander Boudreau, Arichat

Terrance Tyrrell, John Tyrrell, Arichat

James Benoit, Joseph Benoit, Arichat

Baptiste Richard, Peter Richard, Arichat

Chester Shaw, Thomas Shaw, Arichat

Edith Maloney, Wallace Maloney, Arichat

Phillip Latimer, George Latimer, Arichat

Clarence Boudreau, Alexander Boudreau

Lillian Petitpas, Augustin Boucher, Arichat

Mary Laura Donohue, John Donohue

William George Donohue, John Donohue

The Senior High level began with Francoise Boucher and ended with Aline Boutin. The teacher was Sr. Marie Ste. Firmin.

Francoise Boucher, William Boucher, Arichat

Germaine Comeau, Capt. Alex MacKinnon, Arichat

Christina Dunphy, William Dunphy, Pondville

Joseph McDonald, Dan C. McDonald, Low Point

Jack Forest, Mrs. Daniel Forest, Lochside

Clarisse LeBlanc, Mrs. R.S. LeBlanc, Arichat

Clara Pellerin, James P., Larry’s River

Lizzie Clannon, Thomas Clannon, L’Ardoise

Aline Boutin, Frank Boutin, West Arichat

Beginning with Edna Shaw the teacher was Sr. Marie du Cenache, and this was the Advanced level.

Edna Shaw, Thomas J. Shaw, Arichat

Marie Benoit, Joseph Benoit, Arichat

Marion McDonald, James Power, Arichat

Edith Terrio, Mrs. C.D. Terrio, Arichat

Ulysse LeBlanc, Godfrey LeBlanc, Arichat

Edward Edwards, Phillip Edwards, Arichat

Lila Young, Frank Young, Arichat

Edna Boudrot, Daniel Boudrot, Arichat

Marcella Wilson, Daniel Wilson, Arichat

Bernadette Richard, Pierre Richard, Arichat

Helen Monbourquette, Simon Monbourquette

Evelyn Shaw, Thomas J. Shaw, Arichat

Thelma MacDonald, James Power, Arichat

Agathe LeBlanc, Godfrey LeBlanc, Arichat

Amelie Boudreau, John Sutherland, Arichat

Conrad Boutin, William Boutin, Arichat

Earl Bourinot, Bertram Bourinot, Arichat

Xavier Boucher, Simon Boucher, Arichat

Claire LeBlanc, Edouard LeBlanc, Arichat

Anna Boucher, Simon Boucher, Arichat

Rose Anne Rancon, Charles Rancon

Cecilia Wilson, Daniel Wilson