Arichat death records: 1955-1960

Pictured is Notre Dame de l’Assomption Church in Arichat.

Thibeau, Pierre A., 72 years, son of Étienne Thibeau

LeBlanc, André, 85 years, husband of Maria Mury

Fortune, Marie E., 64 years, daughter of W. Fortune

Power, James Michael, 59 years, husband of Daisy Wilson

Marchand, Daniel Alexandre, 65 years, son of Désiré Marchand

LeBlanc, Casimir, 73 years, husband of Clara Richard

Fougère, Mme. Sabine, 83 years, wife of Thomas Fougère

LeBlanc, Joseph Godefroi 73 years and 10 months,

husband of Naomi Landry

LeBlanc, Mme. Naomi, 71 years, wife of Joseph Godfroi LeBlanc

Britten, Matthew, 71 years, husband of Marie Jeanne Bourque

Giroir, Dame Marie, 92 years and 7 months, wife of Albini Giroir

Benoit, François Jacques, 6 months, son of Jacques Benoit

Goyèche, Joseph Walter, 28 years, son of Miller Goyèche

Goyèche, Alexina Goyèche, 73 years

Boudreau, Eliza Jeanne, 62 years and 10 months, wife of Henri Boudreau

LeBlanc, Stanley Joseph, 54 years, husband of Marie Juliette LeBlanc

MacDonald, Roderick Stephen 63 years and 8 months, husband of Ethel Boucher

Landry, Charles Léon, 90 years, 11 months, husband of Alvina Joséphine Thomas

Boudreau, Wilfrid, 65 years

Richard, Pierre André 76 years, husband of Victoire Richard

Power, Thérèse Marie, 11 days, daughter of Edwin Power

Thériault, Rose de Lima, 32 years, daughter of Alexandre Thériault

Woolf Thibeau, Mme. Minnie, 75 years, wife of Edgar Thibeau

Martel, Joseph Jérome, 79 years, husband of Marie Yvonne Thibeau

Tyrrell, John 79 years and 10 months, husband of Agatha Sullivan

Gallant, Léo Joseph, 14 years, son of Léo Gallant

LeBrun, Arthur Amédée, 76 years, husband of Hélène Fitzgerald

Boucher, Basile H., 86 years

Thibeau, Joseph Edgar, 77 years

Boudreau, Simon D., 82 years and 9 months, husband of Marie C. Gaudet

LeBlanc, Rémi Alfred, 85 years, husband of Anne Martel

George, Esther Ruth, 1 day

Samson, Elizabeth, 88 years, wife of Fred Samson

Wilson Power, Mme. Daisy, 62 years, wife of James V. Power

Briand, Jacques Daniel, 69 years and 11 months

Briand, Jeffry Léandre, 74 years, husband of Clara Mathilda

Boudreau, Jean Marin, 91 years and 5 months, wife of Marie Jeanne Duyon

Coste, Charles V., 84 years, husband of Marie Jeanne Boudreau

Sutherland, Catherine E., 72 years

Boudreau, Mme. Marie Jeanne, 99 years and 3 months

Anderson, Francis Edward, 74 years, husband of Camille Boucher

Desroches, Rémi Albini, 66 years

Richard, Mme. Victoire Richard, 79 years

Richard, Paul 49 years, husband of Évangéline Boucher

Goyèche, Martha Jeanne, 80 years and 9 months, wife of J.B. Goyèche

Marchand, Joseph William, 53 years, husband of Mary Shaw

Boudreau, Denis W., 2 months, daughter of Joseph D. Boudreau et Marie Catherine Boudreau

Power, Marie Claudette, 3.5 months, daughter of Eileen J. Power

Bouchard, Gustave Guillaume, 16 years and 5 months, daughter of C.C. Bouchard

Goyèche, Jean Baptiste, 79 years and 6 months, husband of Martha Jeanne Richard

Luce, Daniel Thomas, 84 years and 10 months

Boutin, Mme. Marie, 90

Marchand, Mme. Virginie, 83 years, wife of Fred Marchand

Bégin, Jean, 86 years