Pictured is the former home of John Jean and Benedict Boudreau.

Arichat 1935: Now it is time to backtrack once more to finish the north side of the lower road.

We had left off at Johnny Jean’s. The lane adjacent to the Jean home was known then, and now, as Jean’s Lane next to the house long occupied by Raymond and Shirley Boudreau.

John Jean was married to Ann Lanigan in 1851. She died at the age of 83 and he in 1949, age 92, in Cap La Ronde. There were four children: Louisa, 1859; Margaret, died in 1942 at the age of 83; William ran a store in Petit de Grat and died young; and John who took over the Arichat store from his father. The house had been known as a place of worship before the Anglicans built their own church in 1824.

Benedict Boudreau, his wife Clara (Marchand), and their children were the next occupants of this stately old Jean home. The children are Conrad, Rachelle, Raymond, George, Gerard, Carmella, Marc, Alvin, Blaise, and Edwin, who lived in a mini-home on the property after the old house was dismantled.

Clara passed away in 1983 aged 63; Benedict, 1984, age 67. The current (2005) occupants of the site are the Smiths.

In 1935, the expanse from Johnny Jean’s to Joe Babineau’s was unsettled. In time, this area sprouted such homes as that of Simon Boudreau (later David Gordon and then Blaise Boudreau) in the 1950s; the MacNeils in the 1980s; Vincent Benoit in the 1990s; and Kenneth Boudreau in 2003.

Joe Babineau was born in 1858 and died in 1943. In 1916 he was married to Louise Martell who died in 1941 at the age of 65, There were no children from this union.

Albert DeCoste (born in 1920) was the ensuing owner until his passing in 2004. His wife was Marie Estelle Muise, and they had three children: Edgar, 1945; Donald, 1950; and Linda. This home has changed very little over time and retains its old-world appearance.

Next was Captain Alec MacKinnon’s (1869-1931). He was married, on his vessel, to Elsie Martell (1871-1925) who was a sister to the Louise Martell just mentioned. The MacKinnons had one child of their own, a girl, Alexandria (Patsy), who died in 1994 at the age of 86. She was blind but learned Braille while on a voyage to India with her father. Most of her life was spent working at the School for the Blind in Halifax. In addition, Cpt. and Mrs. MacKinnon raised the siblings Gus and Germaine Comeau upon the premature passing of their mother.

The family of Bennie and Jennie (Richard) Marchand succeeded the MacKinnons. Mrs. Marchand was a teacher well known in the area having taught in Louisdale, at the Head of the Harbour (Arichat), Cap Auguet, O.L.A. Convent, Arichat, and Little Anse. Their children were Verona, 1918; Blanche, 1919 and Monica, 1920 (both died within a year of birth); Margaret, 1922; David, 1925; Vernon 1927; Joseph, 1931; and Lorraine, 1938.

All the children were born at home and all in Canso with the exception of Lorraine. When they first moved to Arichat, they lived down the cove next to the Bouchers. In 1965, Bennie and Eugenie sold their home to Newman Skinner who along with his wife Sylvia (Clannon) raised his children there. They are Nancy, Glen, Frances, and Florence.