Pictured is former home of Bennie and Jennie Marchand, which was later owned by Newman Skinner.

It’s Arichat back in 1935 and we’re travelling east toward Petit de Grat. The last home encountered was that of Bennie and Jennie (Richard) Marchand, later owned by Newman Skinner.

The house next door was that of Simon Henry Marchand who married Louise Babin in 1865. There were three children: Elizabeth, 1869; William Charles, 1872; and Lilly Ann, 1884-1986. Simon Henry died in 1918 at the age of 78 and Louise in 1937, age 90.

This home then became the property of Alzear David and Blanche Middleton of L’Ardoise. Ronnie and Linda were the two children born to them. The house then belonged to Darryl and Nancy (LeBlanc) Landry and their family.

In the 1970s and ‘80s, Linda and her husband Danny Latimer built a home in the field behind Alzear. This now belongs to Donnie Samson.

Next door was the home of Joe David (1912-1997) and his wife Mary Sophie Richard (1898-1988). They were married in Halifax in 1936. This was the second marriage for Mary having been widowed by her first husband, Constant Terrio. By this union, she had one child, a boy known as Toddy. With Joe David there were Aurel, Monique and Jacqueline. Monique and her husband Ambrose Martell took over from her father.

Then comes an uninhabited stretch that as of 2005 was occupied by: Ronnie David; Howard Boudreau; Nancy LeBlanc; Barbara George; Jason George; the late Clarence Doiron; Johnny Richard; Matthew Forest; Wayne Davis; Shirley DeWolfe; and Yolande (Richard) Pettitpas.

Now back to 1935. Johnny Edwards, born in 1870 and married Bridgett Ann Maloney in 1896. Bridgett was born in 1868 and was a sister to Wallace Maloney mentioned earlier. The children were Ethel (Mort McGrath’s mother), born in 1897; Wallace, 1899-1930, was disabled; Melvin, born in 1902; and Irene, 1904. Bridgett died in 1949 and Johnny 11 years later in 1960. He is interred in St. John’s Anglican cemetery.

The old home was taken over by Eddie Edwards, son of Melvin, and was downsized into a small cottage. It sits idle after the passing of Eddie early in the new century.

The ensuing house in 1935 was that of Joe Martell, his wife Yvonne Thibeau, and their children Francis (born in 1924), Leo (born in 1926), Marie Yvonne (born in 1918), Wallace (born in 1916), Arthur (born in 1932), Margaret (born in 1922), Mary, and Willie 1923-2000.

Joe and Yvonne were married in 1912 when Joe was 34. He died in 1957 at the age of 79. Joe achieved local and, in fact, international recognition when he ran the Boston Marathon in 1905.

The subsequent owner of the property was Arthur Martell a nephew to Joe who in turn sold it to Joe Boudreau. The old place is gone replaced by a mini- home that once belonged to J.C. Benoit, then Scott Martell.