Arichat’s historic main street

Pictured is Arichat's historic courthouse.

As of 1935 the M. B. MacNeil family were the caretakers of the courthouse. This second courthouse was built in 1848 under the supervision of architect and contractor Alexander MacDonald at a cost of $1,030. Some caretakers subsequent to the MacNeils were Charlie Latimer, Nelson Dobson, and for 38 years, Hilary Bowen. Hilary married Kathleen Latimer in 1941, and they brought three children into the world, Marie, George, and Vernie. Kathleen passed away in 1982 at the age of 60; Hilary died in 1995 at the age of 76.

Back to the top of the lane: across from the courthouse, on the corner, going west, was the property of Nelson Dobson. In 1927 Nelson was married to Augustina Terrio. They had two children, Elizabeth (1929-2000) and an adopted son, Lawrence Wilfred Mackenzie (Laurel) (1941-1996). Nelson died in 1977 at the age of 84; Augustina was 61 at the time of her death.This place was later owned by Joe and Margaret (Latimer) Doyle, Edgar MacPhee, and Robert MacDougall.

We are now on the upper road just west of the court house and the home of Nelson Dobson. A house lot separated the Dobsons from the Edwards. Phillip Edwards married Maude Burton in 1898 and fathered Edward, 1913 to 1980; Clifford, 1911 to 1999; Ernie, 1905 to 1990; Elsie, 1919 to 2001; Leonard, 1905 to 2000; and Ivy, 1901. Phillip passed away in 1952 at the age of 85; Maude was 83 when she died in 1963.

There is some evidence to substantiate the claim that the Edwards’ home was built from the remnants of the Fuller place when it was demolished in 1928. Also it is said that this same Fuller home was either constructed from the remains of the first courthouse or was, in fact, the courthouse which had been erected in 1814. The Fuller house/courthouse was located roughly in front of the old Anglican cemetery. Charlie Fuller, 1840-1909, married Rebecca Wallace, 1849-1905, in 1873 in Halifax.

Sam and Edith Rideout and their children Mita, Sam, Eddie, Margaret, Frank, Earl, and Maxine were longtime residents of the Edwards’ house until just before the turn of the century when it was purchased by Mitch and Shelly (Dort) David.

Today (2005) there are several structures between the 1935 Edwards’ estate and the lot where Charlie Fuller’s house stood before it met its end in 1928: Jerry and Michelle (Skinner) Molloy (originally built by Edwin Power), Canada Post, Carl and Aurine (Samson) Pardy, Amedee Bowen and Elizabeth Boudreau (purchased in 2005 by Chuck Boudreau)

On the south side of the road in 2005 are Freeman Jr. and Yvette (Richard) Skinner, Vincent and Janasta (Molloy) Chaisson, Andrew and Colleena ( ? ) LeBlanc.

And so we arrive at Upton Lane at the head of which, on the upper side of the road, was the home of Jeffrey Boudreau (1875-1969) of Petit de Grat. This gentleman was twice married, firstly to Sarah Jane Boudreau (1860-1925) with whom he fathered Henrietta (1900-1924), Marie Alma (1903-1992, m. Walter Dorey), Alfreda (m. Henry Dorey) and secondly to Emma Gerroir (1887-1961) in 1926. With her there was one child, Mary Evangeline born in 1928. This tiny residence stood for many years between the old and new Anglican graveyards. It has been replaced by a holding facility for the recently deceased.