Arichat’s historic Main Street

This property was once the home of E.C. Doyle, then became the Seaview Motel and finally served as the residence of Paul Doyle and his family.

We are going to continue along the Upper Road, moving west from St. John’s Anglican Church.

In 1935 the only house after the St. John’s rectory was that of Nicholas Dixon, 1845 to 1934. He married Louise Forest in 1882; she died just 11 years later aged 31. Their children were Margaret Ann, 1885; Mary Elizabeth, 1883; John, 1887; Agnes, 1890-1973; and Eliza, 1893.

In 1935 the Dixon house was occupied by Agnes Dixon. Her first husband was Albany LeBlanc who died in 1919 at the age of 32. There were three children: William, 1916-1952; Larry, 1917-1937; and Eva, 1918-1987 (married to Eddie Edwards). Agnes’ second husband was Noel Cetri. The house was reduced to rubble during World War II.

On the site of the Dixon home is that of Kevin and Chrissie (Britten) Boudreau and their children. The original owners were Charlie Doyle and his third wife Ida (Boudreau, 1891-1979) whom he wed in the Province of Quebec in 1963.

Across the street from the Dixons was the home of the aforementioned E.C. (Charlie) Doyle. This rather imposing structure was once the Seaview Hotel under the proprietorship of the Bosdets who also operated a stagecoach service to the ferry on Grandique Road.

As already indicated, Charlie Doyle was thrice married: first, in 1917, to Florence Boutin with whom he fathered Edward, 1917-1991 and Elizabeth, born 1918 and died at the age of one month. In 1929 the second marriage took place to Evangeline Gagnon (1892-1961); they had five offspring: Paul, 1929-2005; Monica, 1931; Francis, 1932-2000; Margaret, 1934-2002; and George, 1935-1990. Charlie Doyle passed in 1972 at the age of 89.

Paul, teacher and lawyer, was successor to the property. Here he and his wife, Blanche (of Cheticamp) raised three children: Michael, Brian, and Carolyn. Paul passed away in 2005.

In the 1960’s Lloyd Bourinot built a bungalow on a plot between St. John’s Anglican Church and the rectory. In 2005 this is the home of Gus and Madonna Richard.

Then there’s the St. John’s Anglican Church rectory.

In 2005 from here to the next 1935 residence are Robert and Helen (Marchand) LeBlanc (Jamie, Cody, Jodi), formerly Cline and Margaret (Rideout) Bourinot (Darren and Rhonda), Alcide Bona, Michel and Jennifer Boudreau, then Kevin and Chrissie (Britten) Boudreau.

Back to 1935: the next house and on the north side of the road was that of John Sutherland, 1850-1936. In 1877 he married Rose M. Forest, 1856-1933, and they had seven children: Phillip, 1878; William, 1880; Danny, 1883-1963; Robert, 1892-1950; Marie, 1885-1907; Katherine, 1887-1959; and Frances, 1889-1913. Subsequent occupants were the son, Danny, followed by Father Mombourquette, and finally John and Mary Louise (David) Stone and their children Johnny, Bobby, and Bonnie.

Towards the end of the century the property was procured by St. Joseph’s Credit Union, razed, and replaced by an automatic teller machine.

Across the road and slightly to the west was the residence of Reynolds and Henrietta (Skinner) Smith. Henrietta was from Port Hastings; she was born in 1874 and died in 1966. Reynolds passed away in 1952 at the age of 86. The Smith home, a very impressive one, was later acquired by Gerald LeBrun. The children were Sandra, Gerry, and Betsy.

The house fell to ruin in the 1970s and was torn down. The property lies between the former Nova Scotia Liquor Commission outlet and the pharmacy.