Arichat’s historic Main Street

This is the former home of Matthew Britten and his son Ralph Britten.

We are now, in 1935, on the upper road in Arichat just below the Arichat Academy.

To the west is the home of John Donahue. Continuing west is the home of John Henry (1868-1952) and Martha (Landry) Boudreau who were married in 1898. Martha died in 1972, age 72; John Henry remarried in 1939 to Mae Ann Bonin who gave him three children, Irene (MacLeod), Joe (who married Helen Doiron), and Bertie (born in 1945). John Henry died in 1952 at the age of 84, and Mae Ann in 2003 at the age of 92. Their little home is gone now; it was located approximately where Jeantie’s convenience store is today.

Across the road from John Donahue is the home of Roy Kelly. In 1935, from the Kelly residence to Matthew Britten’s place, was unoccupied. Today the following occupy this stretch: Walter and Jeanne (Boudreau) Roberts; Billy and Shirley (DeCoste) Britten; Island Nest Restaurant; and Stan and Sandra (MacDonald) Boudreau.

Moving west once more from the property of John Henry Boudreau was the home of Augustine Boucher who married Grace Bonin in 1891. Seven children were born to them: Marie Ann, 1891-1978; Margaret, 1895; Charlie 1899; Florence, 1901; Elizabeth, 1904; Edward, 1892; and Henrietta, 1897. In addition they raised Albert Dort who was a grandson. Augustine passed away in 1948 at the age of 90 while Grace died a year before at the age of 80.

In 1935 the north side of the road from Augustine Boucher’s to Joe Bonin’s was unsettled. The following have settled there: the home of the late Wilbert and Norma (Britten) Stone; David and Judy Kehoe; Imelda, George; Odillon and Elaine (George) Boudreau; George Tyrrell: St. Anne’s Community Nursing Care Centre; Roman Catholic Cemetery (old);Andre and Sylvia (Stone) Boudreau; former convent; Diane (Samson) Boudreau; Norma Boudreau; the former Morris Drysdale home; Albert and Doreen (Morrison) Boudreau; the Theriaults; Amable and Judy (Morrison) Bonin; the former home of the late Amable Bonin; former Joe Nadeau residence; Frankie and Verene (MacDonald) Bonin; two mini homes; Blair and Joyce (Cape) Forgeron; Rhonda LeBlanc; Michel Babin; and Dave Goyetche.

Back to the south side of the high road just before the glebe house stood the home of Matthew Britten and his family of Frank, 1920; Carl, 1918; Norma, 1915; Roma, 1917; Edna, 1913; Ralph, 1922; and Mary, 1916. Matthew and Mary Jane had wed in 1908. The former was 66 when he died in 1951; Mary Jane was 78 at the time of her passing.

This property had previously belonged to the Herbins and originally to the prominent Hubert family whose mansionlike house was eventually leased to serve as the birthplace of St. Francis Xavier University.

Ralph, son of Matthew, and his wife Edwina (Fougere) assumed ownership of the Britten home and raised 10 children there: Linda, Matthew, David, Karen, Fay, Betty, Sheila, Brenda, Ruth, Janet.