Arm wrestlers set record at Carriage House

Mark MacPhail (left) battles Kenny Snow during provincials.

PORT HAWKESBURY: Elbowroom was in short supply at The Carriage House due to the efforts of the Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling Association (NSAWA) and the provincial championship hosted by the group.

“It was the biggest tournament ever held in Nova Scotia for arm wrestling,” said NSAWA Director Mark MacPhail, in regard to the May 6 event.

“We had exactly 150 entries. It was standing-room only. You couldn’t have wished for better. If there were more people, they wouldn’t have fit. We had regular-circuit arm wrestlers and some locals there.”

It’s been a few years since the NSAWA held an event in Port Hawkesbury, and MacPhail said it was great to be back. Though now living in Ben Eoin, MacPhail is no stranger to the local area, as he’s originally from River Denys.

He’s also no stranger to success at the arm wrestling table, as he is a 10-time Canadian Heavyweight Champion and 28-time Nova Scotia Provincial Heavyweight Champion. He’s also amassed 12 Atlantic Championships and taken a bronze medal at the World Championship.

The Saturday trip to Port Hawkesbury saw him add to his trophy case.

“I won the left, and that was my 28th provincial title,” he said. “I’m pretty proud of that. My left arm felt dynamite, but right-handed I took fourth – losing to Shaun Ross.”

MacPhail wasn’t the only local doing well, as Shannon Paul of Whycocomagh was impressive on the ladies’ side, finishing second in both the Right and Left Open divisions. Elaine Googoo of Whycobah was also good, taking a third in Left Open and fourth in Right Open.

Krista Miller of Whycocomagh took fifth in Right Open for the ladies.

Former SAERC Saint football player Gary MacDonald was competing and took a respectable fourth place finish in the Left Hand Open division.

Former SAERC athlete Willis Kersten had a good day on the table, as he took eleventh in the competitor-heavy Right Open division. He and 20 other pullers were competing. In the Left Open category, Daulton Denny of Whycocomagh also managed an eleventh place finish.

In addition to the senior classes, junior classes were also very busy. Fifty-six entries were competing on that level.

Part of the reason for the large crowd at provincials, MacPhail said, is that the arm wrestling nationals are coming to Halifax on Canada Day. A number of competitors were looking to qualify.

It’s a road trip MacPhail is looking forward to, as he once again will be gunning for a national prize.




Seniors Classes

Right 154 lbs

1. Jake Chute, Middleton

2. Nick Zaedow, Aylesford

3. Darren Taylor, Middleton

4. Vernon Weatherbee, Dartmouth

Right 165 lbs

1. Trever Weatherbee, Hatchet Lake

2. Jon Wagner, New Minas

3. Jake Chute, Middeton

4. Donavon Crouse, Beaconsfield

5. Gavin Cremo, Waycobah

6. Vernon Weatherbee, Dartmouth

7. Garry Kell, Antigonish

Right 176 lbs

1. Sean Weaver, Middleton

2. Doug Henderson, Truro

3. Kirk Meuse, Bear River

Left 176 lbs

1. Donavon Crouse, Beaconsfield

2. Jake Chute, Middleton

3. Jon Wagner, New Minas

4. Nick Zaedow, Aylesford

5. Darren Taylor, Middleton

Right 198 lbs

1. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour

2. Ralphie Bayers, Ship Harbour

3. Phil Carty, Digby

4. Jason Hall, Timberlea

5. Shaun Deveau, Halifax

6. Chris Tingley, Hubbards

7. Morris Benoit, Truro

8. Jonathan Meagher, Mulgrave

Left 198 lbs

1. Ralphie Bayers, Ship Harbour

2. Phil Carty, Digby

3. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour

4. Shaun Deveau, Halifax

5. Mark Crouse, Beaconsfield

6. Jason Hall, Halifax

7. Morris Benoit, Truro

8. Chris Tingley, Hubbards

9. Hobie Dennis, Whycocomagh

Right Open

1. Shawn Ross, Kingston

2. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour

3. Ralphie Bayers, Ship Harbour

4. Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin

5. Shaun Deveau, Halifax

6. Josh Mulholland, River John

7. Pasamay Doucette, Eskasoni

8. Kenny Snow, Truro

9. Gary Macdonald, Queensville

10. Warren Benoit, Truro

11. Willis Kerston, Port Hawkesbury

12. Noel Francis, Eskansoni

13. Matt Gosselin, Sydney

14. Patrick Mulholland, Mabou

15. Wayde Graves, Bedford

16. Chris Scott, Sackville

17. Desmond Benard, Waycobah

18. Trevor Adams, Timberlea

19. Vic Armes, Halifax

20. Christopher Scott, Sackville

21. Daulton Denny, Waycocomagh

Left Open

1. Mark MacPhail, Ben Eoin

2. Ralphie Bayers, Ship Harbour

3. Shawn Ross, Kingston

4. Gary Macdonald, Queensville

5. Chris Scott, Sackville

6. Kenny Snow, Truro

7. Randy Bayers, Ship Harbour

8. Pasamay Doucette, Eskasoni

9. Wayde Graves, Bedford

10. Vic Armes, Halifax

11. Daulton Denny, Waycocomagh

12. Warren Benoit, Truro

13. Shaun Deveau, Halifax

14. Christopher Scott, Sackville

15. Patrick Mulholland, Mabou

16. Josh Mulholland, River John

17. Trevor Adams, Timberlea

18. Willis Kersten, Port Hawkesbury

Ladies Right Lightweight

1. Melissa Louvelle, Porter’s Lake

2. Ashley Oldford, Truro

3. Nicole Foster, Coldbrook

4. Aurora Cremo, Waycobah

5. Paula O’Connell, Sackville

Ladies Left Lightweight

1. Melissa Louvelle, Porter’s Lake

2. Paula O’Connell, Sackville

3. Ashley Oldford, Truro

4. Nicole Foster, Coldbrook

Ladies Right Open

1. Angela Hall, Timberlea

2. Shannon Paul, Whycocomagh

3. Margaret Dort, Aulds Cove

4. Elaine Googoo, Waycobah

5. Krista Miller, Whycocomagh

Ladies Left Open

1. Angela Hall, Timberlea

2. Shannon Paul, Whycocomagh

3. Elaine Googoo, Waycobah

Overall Champion

Shawn Ross, Kingston

360 lb Strong Hand Hold – Men

1. Ralphie Bayers – 1.21.42

2. Dylan Benoit – 1.20.07

3. Randy Bayers – 1.19.87

4. Warren Benoit – 1.17.46

5. Randall Googoo – 1.13.21

6. Morris Benoit – 59.40

7. Gary MacDonald – 56.32

8. Willis Kerston- 53.80

9. Christopher Scott – 52.75

10. Jake Chute – 39.53

11. Trevor Adams – 38.82

12. Mark Crouse – 30.20

144 lb Strong Hand Hold – Ladies

1. Ashley Oldford – 2.09.36

2. Angela Hall – 1.50.84

3. Melissa Louvelle – 1.47.99

4. Paula O’Connell – 1.33.42

5. Taylor Latimer – 1.32.37

Junior Classes

Right Under 5 yrs

1. Kylie Mattice, Sackville

2. Cloe Deveau, Halifax

Left Under 5 yrs

1. Cloe Deveau, Halifax

2. Kylie Mattice, Sackville

Right Lightweight

1. Jenna Muise, Middleton

2. Peter Khoury, Timberlea

3. Gavin Weaver, Middleton

4. Ava Mattice, Sackville

5. Brooke Mattice, Sackville

6. Payton Jessome, Boularderie

7. Johnathan Deveau, Halifax

Left Lightweight

1. Gavin Weaver, Middleton

2. Jenna Muise, Middleton

3. Peter Khoury, Timberlea

4. Ava Mattice, Sackville

5. Johnathan Deveau, Halifax

6. Brooke Mattice, Sackville

7. Payton Jessome, Boularderie

Right Middleweight

1. Jesse Watton, Middleton

2. Brody Milner, Deep Brook

3. Keaton Muise, Middleton

4. Khalil Walker, Middleton

5. Gairett Hazelton, Middleton

6. Aziz Benjamin, Auburn

7. Gabe MacNeil, Millville

8. Damon Googoo, Whycocomagh

9. Nick Khoury, Timberlea

10. Kylie Jessome, Boularderie

11. Lucas MacPhail, Ben Eoin

Left Middleweight

1. Brody Milner, Deep Brook

2. Jesse Watton, Middleton

3. Keaton Muise, Middleton

4. Nick Khoury, Timberlea

5. Gairett Hazelton, Middleton

6. Khalil Walker, Middleton

7. Kylie Jessome, Boularderie

8. Gabe MacNeil, Millville

9. Lucas MacPhail, Ben Eoin

10. Aziz Benjamin, Auburn

11. Damon Googoo, Whycocomagh

Girls Right Open

1. Rhianna Walker, Middleton

2. Madison Seely, Halifax

Girls Left Open

1. Madison Seely, Halifax

2. Rhianna Walker, Middleton

Boys Right Open

1. Dylan Benoit, Truro

2. Luke Sawler, Wilmot

3. Jesse Watton, Middleton

4. Landon Guld, Membertou

5. Kirk Meuse, Bear River

6. Brylen Googoo, Whycocomagh

Boys Left Open

1. Dylan Benoit, Truro

2. Luke Sawler, Wilmot

3. Jesse Watton, Middleton

4. Kirk Meuse, Bear River

5. Brylen Googoo, Whycocomagh

6. Landon Guld, Membertou