GUYSBOROUGH: The Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) wants to expand its renewable energy investment portfolio as a result of Emera Inc.’s recent call for parties interested in supplying access the New England renewable energy market.

Emera Inc. is proposing the Atlantic Link Project as an opportunity to build a high voltage direct current (HVdc) transmission line that will deliver 900 megawatts (MW) of clean energy from Atlantic Canada directly to Massachusetts.

On January 11, Emera issued a “notice of energy solicitation” to parties “willing to offer energy for purposes of establishing a bundled offer into the Massachusetts RFP.”

The MODG has registered as an interested party with the intent of promoting the Melford area as a potential site for a large-scale wind farm to supply the Atlantic Link Project.

The Melford location is strategic because of its proximity to the transmission system, including the upgraded Maritime Link; there exists a proven wind resource and operational wind farms in the municipality; and there is also the 14,500 acre Melford Industrial Land Reserve. This land is pre-zoned for wind development, has significant set-backs from residential development, has the potential to combine wind and hydro, and is located in a stable investment climate and supportive community.

The MODG said it was an early supporter of renewable energy in the Province of Nova Scotia,having owned and operated five small-wind turbines through the Nova Scotia Community Feed-in Tariff (ComFIT) program since 2012.

In 2015, the MODG became the first municipality in Canada to become the majority owner/operator of a large-scale wind farm, Sable Wind.

“The proposed Atlantic Link is an exciting opportunity for the municipality and we intend to pursue this opportunity with our usual vigour,” said Warden Vernon Pitts.

“If there are interested parties that have not looked at the opportunity to develop a large scale wind farm at our Melford location, we will be encouraging them to do so,” added Guysborough CAO Barry Carroll.