BREAKING: PCs release letter from former warden

Steve Sampson
Steve Sampson

HALIFAX: Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives have released an e-mail they claim is from the former warden of Richmond County.

Late on Thursday, PC Leader Jamie Baillie received an e-mail related to the investigation into allegations Richmond municipal councillors were reimbursed by taxpayers for attending Liberal Party events.

The e-mail refers to the decision-making process to have Richmond County taxpayers cover the cost for councillors to go to a May 2014 Cape Breton-Richmond Liberal Association fundraiser.

“As a municipal unit we cannot contribute to a political party as election rules indicate however [we] could reimburse individual councillors who submit proof of ticket purchase,” stated an e-mail attributed to Steve Sampson dated April 28, 2014.

“I am prepared to support this initiative but at only ‘unanimous consent’ of council.”

Today, Baillie turned the e-mail over to Elections Nova Scotia and the RCMP.

According to media reports, Elections Nova Scotia is investigating instances where councillors claimed reimbursements for attending political events, including a Liberal Party fundraising supper at the St. Louis Parish Hall in Louisdale on May 23, 2014.