BREAKING: RCMP ‘following up on’ sex offender’s relocation

HALIFAX: The recent arrival in Nova Scotia of a convicted sex offender who had previously stated his desire to return to his former hometown of Antigonish has attracted RCMP attention on a provincial and local level.

Gavin Sean Griffiths, 31, served a sentence for multiple sexual assaults in Ottawa and has a record of criminal convictions for various crimes dating back to 2005. Considered a high risk to reoffend, Griffiths is now living in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), according to a statement released last week by Halifax Regional Police (HRP).

In light of this development, along with comments made by Griffiths earlier this spring that indicated he may attempt to return to Antigonish, the Nova Scotia RCMP has notified its Antigonish detachment of this situation and has asked an RCMP committee that deals with such cases to review the Griffiths file, according to Nova Scotia RCMP Media Relations Officer Cpl. Jennifer Clarke.

“The RCMP is following up on the concern that was raised, that he may be living in a community close to Antigonish,” Cpl. Clarke told The Reporter Monday afternoon.

“We passed it along to the committee who reviews those files, and we’ve passed it on to the detachment to follow up on the comment that he had made, that he was looking to relocate into [the Antigonish] area.”

Once the RCMP committee in question reviews the elements of Griffiths’ past convictions, his current status as a potential repeat offender and his stated desire to return to his former hometown, the police force will determine whether or not a follow-up notice to the public is required in terms of Griffiths’ presence in any part of Nova Scotia, Cpl. Clarke added.

“We have identified that he was on some conditions, so that committee will be trying to figure out whether or not those conditions have been breached or whether or not there needs to be a new notification,” she explained.

“If there is a need to do a notification to the public, that’s when we would do that. But that committee would have to look at that first…We’re going to let things take place in the order that they’re supposed to take place in, in order for the process to work properly.”

Currently being monitored by the Ottawa Centre for Probation and Parole, Griffiths is on probation for two years and is restricted from having contact with certain people or possessing weapons, and must undergo counseling. He is considered a high risk intensive supervision offender and repeat sex offender.

Griffiths was most recently arrested nearly a year ago by HRP in relation to an incident involving damaged public property.