Burned out street lights turning purple in Antigonish

ANTIGONISH: Once the sun goes down and the street lights turn on in Antigonish, a peculiar, blueish-purple hue can be seen radiating, like a glow stick, out of numerous street lights scattered throughout the town.

Addressing a question from council that arose during last month’s council meeting, as to why there were red ribbons tied to numerous lamp posts, the town’s engineer and director of public works told council that they were identifiers put there after staff noticed something was a little off with their attached lights.

“Staff had started to make observations that lights were changing from the colour that they were supposed to be, to a purple,” Ken Proctor said. “It was a failure in part of the lighting mechanism.”

During the town’s regular monthly council meeting on Nov. 15, the update he said he received from staff was that the town had 52 lights that have been identified though a batch they ordered in 2017.

“The supplier of those lights will provide new lights because they are under warrantee,” Proctor said. “That delivery should be in soon, it may be in now, but staff will start to replace those lights as soon as possible.”

He suggested while the town has already identified 52 of the approximate 100 lights ordered to be faulty, there still may be more to be identified, as not all lights became faulty at the same time.

“It’s something internal to the light, where it ends up being a disposable unit,” Proctor said. “It’s non-repairable.”

Following the meeting, Mayor Laurie Boucher told reporters that while it’s not necessarily a safety concern, the town would like to get the lights operating back on a normal setting.

“I was driving down the road the other day with my daughter, who was home from PEI, and she asked “Mom, why do you have blue street lights?’” Boucher said. “Our engineer has contacted the company that supplied the lights, and was ensured that they will be replaced.”