Candidate committed to conservative principles

When my parents immigrated from the Netherlands to Nova Scotia, they wanted a fresh start. They knew that building a new life in a new place wouldn’t be easy. They knew it would take hard work. Guided by a strong work ethic, their friends around them and their faith, they ran a successful business, raised a family, and were pillars in their community.

For many Nova Scotians, this is similar to their story. Whether they were always here, arrived in the 1700s, or in 2018, it was the drive of these individuals and families that made Nova Scotia a land of opportunity.

When I decided to enter politics, I wanted to run for a party that valued individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government intervention in people’s lives. It was an easy choice: the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia was my party.

I have strong conservative values. I know that those conservative values will win the next provincial election in Nova Scotia.

That is why I am running for leader of the PC Party.

Unfortunately, these days the term conservative is considered a negative label. Some find being conservative synonymous with having outdated traditions, being old fashioned, or backward.

This is wrong.

Being conservative isn’t a bad thing. Conservative values have been crucial in shaping this province for the better.

Hard-working Nova Scotians have to carefully manage their finances to make ends meet. Above all, they don’t live beyond their means.

So, why should our governments?

Under my leadership, a Progressive Conservative government will not spend money it doesn’t have. Conservatives like me will work hard to keep money in your pockets through lower taxes. Our budgets will focus on what matters to Nova Scotians.

People are tired of the McNeil government putting policies in place that say Nova Scotia is closed for business. A Progressive Conservative government will get out of the way and allow businesses to flourish. That’s why I have promised to welcome Uber and onshore natural gas development and leave the decision to our local communities on whether they have them or not.

People are tired of government meddling in the lives of its people. A government guided by conservative values believes the empowered individual will know what is best for their life.

So truly, call me old fashioned- I’m proud of it. We need a leader who’s proud to run an election and a government on a conservative agenda.

  John Lohr 

  Progressive Conservative 

  leadership candidate