Cape Breton South Recruiting for Health committee welcomes locum physicians

STRAIT AREA: The community-led healthcare recruitment and retention group, Cape Breton South Recruiting for Health (CBSRH), has been developing strategies on how to better attract and retain healthcare professionals as a community. The CBSRH team works with local healthcare facilities and Nova Scotia Health recruitment consultants to improve community support for healthcare professionals.

“Having physicians visit our region is an exciting opportunity for us to truly welcome them and be able to showcase our communities. We have built close relationships with Nova Scotia Health recruitment consultants, enhancing our ability to work together and to cater to the interests and needs of visiting physicians,” says Maggie MacDonald, healthcare recruitment navigator for the group.

Locum physicians are those who cover shifts for permanent physicians during time off, sick-leave, or vacation. Already practicing physicians, especially new graduates, often choose to apply for locum positions to explore new communities and practices before deciding to relocate or settle into a practice.

“Locums provide an opportunity for us to influence the decision of physicians as they make major life choices on where they want to spend a good portion of their careers – we’re not only positioning our communities as a viable option, but as a top contender,” noted Amanda Mombourquette, Richmond Warden.

This past month, Cape Breton South Recruiting for Health welcomed two new locum physicians who chose to visit the region.

“We are proactively welcoming healthcare professionals with the exceptional hospitality we are known for,” explained Port Hawkesbury Mayor, Brenda Chisholm-Beaton. “Having a robust complement of healthcare professionals in our communities in Port Hawkesbury and Richmond County is one of the key components to regional growth and prosperity.”

Marketing communities and promoting what the town and counties have to offer is crucial when recruiting healthcare professionals to the area.

“When physicians spend time in our communities as locums, it allows us all to ensure that we are a good fit for each other,” co-chair, Trevor Boudreau stated. “While it is important that we recruit high quality health care providers, it is also critical that we recruit professionals that will be here for the long term to support our region.”

CBSRH is excited to welcome these two new locum physicians to the area and is overwhelmed with the amount of community support they receive. The group hopes the visiting physicians and other healthcare professionals feel welcomed by our communities and look forward to hosting future welcome events.

CBSRH is a partnership of the Town of Port Hawkesbury and the Municipality of Richmond County, along with representatives from the Strait-Richmond Hospital, Dr. Kingston Memorial Community Health Centre, St. Anne Community and Nursing Care Centre, Strait Area Chamber of Commerce, the Cape Breton Partnership, and other partners. The group was established in January 2020 as a regional approach focused on building on the strengths of local communities and providing a more collaborative environment to attract physicians and other healthcare professionals.

CBSRH is working towards one singular goal: Cape Breton South community members can access the health services they need.