On December 9, International World Champion Elvis Tribute Artist Thane Dunn will bring his show, “Christmas with the King” to the SAERC Auditorium.

PORT HAWKESBURY: World champion Elvis tribute artist Thane Dunn is returning to Port Hawkesbury.

Dunn and his eight-piece band The Cadillac Kings will bring their new show “Christmas with the King” to the SAERC Auditorium on December 9.

“The premise of this show is that you’ve gone to see Elvis in Las Vegas around the Christmas holidays,” said Dunn. “You’ll hear everything from ‘Blue Christmas’ to ‘Blue Suede Shoes.’”

Dunn says he plans to include something for everybody. He will be singing Elvis Presley’s greatest hits, from rock and roll, to gospel.

“When I grew up, it didn’t seem like Christmas in my house until you heard Elvis’ Christmas music. I think it’s the same thing in a lot of homes, especially here in the Maritimes. We’re traditionalists,” said Dunn.

The Moncton native says he developed a strong connection to Presley’s music as a very young child. He remembers dancing to “Return to Sender” at five years old. As he grew older and became involved with music, he said people would tease him, telling him he looked and sounded like Elvis.

Dunn chose to embrace the resemblance in his appearance and voice, and built a reputation as a tribute artist.

“A lot of people do a tribute to Elvis, but we have a show that’s endorsed by several people that actually worked with Elvis,” said Dunn.

Dunn’s performance was also endorsed by the Hank Snow Museum. Dunn says the Nova Scotian musician first introduced Elvis to his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

In addition to the music, Dunn’s shows feature lavish suits modeled after Elvis Presley’s own clothing.

“I have all of my suits made by the same people that made them for Elvis,” said Dunn.

One of the costumes he will be wearing on December 9 is patterned after Elvis’ favourite “Peacock Suit.”

“When I had the suite made I said I wanted three times the amount of rhinestones that Elvis had on his. So make sure you bring your sunglasses, folks, because this thing is amazing,” said Dunn.

Dunn said he enjoys performing in Port Hawkesbury and is excited to return for his Christmas show.

“There seem to be so many Elvis fans in this neck of the woods, and the reaction we’ve gotten from people has been phenomenal down there,” said Dunn.

Dunn says he has been very busy getting ready for the world premier of his new show in Toronto, as well as his upcoming Elvis Dream Cruise and vlog series. He also serves as a spokesman for the SPCA and North Beach Leather, a California-based company that has made clothing for the likes of Jim Morrison and Jimmy Hendrix, as well as Elvis Presley.

Dunn says he is thrilled that his love for Presley’s music has opened up so many opportunities.

“I think God gave me a gift. I can’t cook you supper and I can’t fix your car, but on stage we can create the fantasy that you’re watching Elvis,” said Dunn. “It just seems to be getting better and we’re very excited to see our friends in the Port Hawkesbury area.”

To purchase tickets for the December 9 show contact the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre or visit: tickets.phcivic.com. One ticket will be drawn for the Trimac Toyota “Seat of the Night Giveaway” worth $500. Dunn will also be giving away Elvis’ autograph in January. For information, visit: thanedunn.net.