Why be forced to see a pharmacist rather than visit a doctor?

Not too many people escape the common cold throughout their lifetime.

The common cold can come upon anyone within any of the four seasons, especially the youngest, the elderly and all population in between. A feeling of misery, chills, sniffles, sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes starts soon after a person contacts the common cold.

In my 70-plus years, I have experienced the common cold and flu more than once. This past December, I contracted either the flu or even an unknown virus? I had no signs of the cold at that time so I could still carry on my day-to-day routine at an uncomfortable pace.

I went along feeling poorly until the afternoon on December 23, and this is when I put myself in bed and only got out of my bed to use the washroom, get a bite to eat and take my daily pills. My (24/7) sick ordeal in bed went on until the early morning of December 27. Then I started feeling a slight better but not completely cured. I have confidence within another five more days in February, I will be fully recovered after a two-month illness.

Health pamphlets, hospitals wall messages, and doctors are telling and asking people with a cold or the flu not to go see a doctor or go to a hospital, instead see a pharmacist. My reason for not going to seek a doctor’s medical help was due to that request.

In my case of my unknown illness at home I shared with you the reader, I feel that I should have been able to visit a doctor and not a pharmacist. Seeing a doctor may have shortened my time to make a full recovery.

In some cases, an unknown illness or a nasty flu have the possibility of developing into something more serious like maybe an unwanted virus. Yes I agree anyone who knows they have only a common cold should stay away (if possible) from seeing doctors and hospitals.

If knowingly or not knowingly you have a case of nasty flu, a person should be able to seek help elsewhere than at a pharmacy. With a doctor’s visit, your chances of your illness recovery time may be shortened.

Please keep in mind that a common cold is nothing to sneeze at.

Clarence Landry