Councillors want to get waste collection dates to the public as soon as possible

PORT HOOD: Municipal councillors here are anxious to publicize the dates for spring garbage collection.

During the April 1 regular monthly meeting of Inverness Municipal Council in Port Hood, it was decided that the municipality will conduct its 2021 Spring Waste Collection from May 17-June 4.

Council did confirm that a request for proposals was drafted, the collection will take place in three different groups, and the dates are the same as previous years.

Council will also participate in a solid waste information session after budget deliberations.

After receiving confirmation that a meeting was held and there are proposals concerning a community cleanup, Deputy Warden Bonny MacIsaac noted that she’s been receiving complaints from the public and this effort is needed immediately.

“I’m already getting calls about the amount of garbage that’s visible,” she told council. “This is coffee cups. I noticed in the last few days, there was a big bag of garbage with coffee cups and they’re all going down our Beach Road. That’s one place you hardly ever see a coffee cup.”

District 4 Councillor John MacLennan also wanted to ensure that the public is informed “as soon as possible” that waste collection will continue on regular days.

“It’s wicked, wicked the amount of garbage that’s showing up now,” he added. “The pop cans, and cups, and glasses, it’s unbelievable over our way.”