Crunchy election numbers

Number of House of Commons seats up for grabs in the latest federal election: 338

Number of seats required for a majority: 170

Number of seats won by the Liberals at the end of their first majority term: 157

Likelihood, in percentage, that Justin Trudeau would have been just fine with that number if it was offered to him in the wake of the SNC-Lavalin scandal last February: 75

After his brownface/blackface photos emerged in September: 100

Average percentage-point lead held by Conservatives over Liberals in polls released at the end of February: 10

Final percentage-point lead by Conservatives over Liberals in last week’s popular vote: 1.34

Difference, in actual votes, between Conservatives and Liberals in last week’s election: 239,712

Difference, in seats won, between still-governing Liberals and still-Opposition Conservatives: 38

Percentage of Conservative MPs, organizers and voters silently grinding their teeth that this is the seat count that resulted in the year of SNC-Lavalin scandal and Trudeau brownface/blackface revelations: 100

Number of days before election that Scheer insisted that “a Prime Minister that comes out of an election with fewer seats than another party resigns”: 4

Number of times this didn’t happen in provincial elections held since 2016, despite Scheer’s insistence that such a scenario is “a convention in modern Canadian history”: 2

Percentage of Grade 10 Canadian History students that have a better understanding of constitutional monarchies than Scheer: 100

Number of days following election defeat that Scheer has refused to resign as Conservative leader: 9 and counting

Number of seats won by Conservatives nationwide last week: 121

West of Ontario: 71

Number of seats won by Liberals in Western Canada: 15

In Alberta and Saskatchewan: 0

Number of times per day that Trudeau will be spotted shopping for cowboy hats and Saskatchewan Roughriders jerseys in Ottawa malls between now and the next election: 15

Number of times per day that Liberal organizers will holler “enough with the costumes already”: 15

How many more seats Trudeau just won, as compared to Jean Chretien’s second majority in 1997: 2

Number of Nova Scotia seats won by Liberals in that election: 0

Number of Nova Scotians that called for the province to separate from Canada the following day: 0

Number of people that signed petition calling for Alberta to separate from Canada in the week following the October 21 election: 100,000

Number of Liberal votes in Newfoundland during this election: 107,266

In Alberta: 279,940

Percentage of angry Albertans ignoring those figures while they blame “stupid Newfies” for the election result: 100

Days after election that Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe released letter calling for Trudeau to ditch carbon tax plan: 1

Days after election that New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs withdrew from court challenge against carbon taxes because six of the 10 ridings in his province elected Liberals: 2

Days after election that Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared he was staying in Supreme Court challenge against carbon taxes, along with Moe: 3

Number of Ontario seats won by Liberals: 79

By Conservatives: 36

By NDP: 6

Likelihood, in percentage, that Ford’s five months of hiding from the public in a desperate attempt to get Scheer elected Prime Minister affected his math skills: 100

Number of seats won by Jagmeet Singh’s NDP: 24

Number of years since NDP won fewer since 30 seats: 13

Number of times per day that Singh can expect frantic calls and/or texts from Trudeau once parliament resumes: 130

Number of seats won by Elizabeth May’s Green Party: 3

In British Columbia: 2

In New Brunswick: 1

Number of times per minute that May will describe her party’s campaign as having delivered a “coast-to-coast” Green caucus: 30

Number of Bloc Quebecois MPs elected this month: 32

In 2015: 10

In 2011: 4