David Hickey will introduce his Crystal Bowl Journey concerts to locals early next month.

MABOU: An upcoming series of concerts aims to create a relaxing environment for listeners.

“In September, we are launching a province-wide introduction to David Hickey and his Crystal Bowl Journey concerts,” said local organizer, Michelle Greenwell.

Hickey uses a variety of instruments including gongs that have been tuned to specific frequencies based on the orbits of the sun, moon, and planets. He also uses the Persian santoor, and quartz crystal bowls to create a fully improvised musical experience. He takes inspiration from his surroundings as well as the other people in the room, and no two performances are alike. The Ontario-based musician tours from coast to coast and has been creating this type of music for 16 years.

“It’s a very different experience,” said Greenwell. “You actually bring a pillow, a matt, and a blanket, whatever makes you comfortable. You lie down, and you can go to sleep.”

Greenwell regularly hosts events in the Strait area along with friend Natascha Polomski featuring Tibetan singing bowls. Like the music performed by Hickey, Greenwell says the singing bowl concerts are based on the concept of vibrational medicine. Instruments are tuned to vibrate at certain frequencies which practitioners believe to have healing effects on the body.

“If you set the frequencies correctly, then the body can run optimally,” said Greenwell.

However, Greenwell said listeners do not need to have an interest in vibrational medicine to benefit from the concerts, which can be an opportunity to simply unplug and connect to the present moment.

“It’s great to be able to go in and do some healing work for yourself and some self-care, even if you just want to relax. You have two 45-minute sets to just completely chill out,” said Greenwell.

Greenwell also instructs the group Tai Chi Cape Breton, which will join forces with Hickey for a concert at the Judique Community Centre on September 11. This will be a first for her group and Greenwell believes it will be an opportunity for observers to learn more about tai chi as well as Hickey’s music.

“I thought it would be delightful if we could do this and let the sounds go through us while we do the movements,” said Greenwell.

Hickey will appear in several Cape Breton communities during his upcoming East Coast tour, including Richmond Academy on September 10 and the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre on September 12. His tour will also include a fundraising concert for the Strathspey Performing Arts Centre in Mabou on September 14.

“I’ve tried to pass the concerts to groups who do fundraising and who are in the healing modalities,” said Greenwell. “It’s about spreading the word. It’s about possibilities for people and how they can take empowerment for themselves to do their own healing. If I pass it to different local groups, then those groups are going to be able to access the people who need it.”

Admission for the concerts is $25. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets to the event at Richmond Academy can contact the Richmond County Department of Recreation. For further information, contact Michelle Greenwell at info@dancedebut.com.