Development application returns to town council

ANTIGONISH: A development that already received a no from council is coming back for a public hearing.

During the regular meeting of Antigonish Town Council on May 27, members discussed approving first reading of a motion for an application to enter into a development agreement.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher explained the developer has a rental property at the address and is requesting permission to add another rental property. She explained it can’t be done right now as the land is zoned residential.

This is the second time the matter came before council. Following a previous application to the planning and advisory committee, a rezoning request received first reading by council and went to a public hearing. Boucher said the public response at the hearing showed neighbours to the property were not in favour of the addition and the matter was voted down.

Property owner Frank McVicar then appealed to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. Following preliminary arbitration, the UARB recommended the owner apply for a development agreement in conjunction with rezoning.

On Monday the matter came before council again, and council voted 5-2 to take the matter to another public hearing, set for June 11. Council can still turn it down following the public hearing.

“I think that’s what most of council was saying,” said Boucher. “Let’s let it go through the process and see what happens.”