Double ID needed to vote?

I am all for marking my “X” in a round circle on my ballet slip with my shaking old right hand while trying not to spoil my important vote. The right decision matters when it comes time to count all the votes, for my vote could make a difference to any of the parties in the running.

I do not favour the double ID requirement as I hand over my voting card to a poll worker. I consider the voting card I received, sent to me through Canada Post, should be enough ID to show as it once was.

Along with the double ID, I am not pleased with the lack of poll workers as it showed highly at the last election. I’m one of many witnesses to long line-ups of voters, including many with disabilities carrying their canes with sore legs or backs, and waiting over an hour to reach the poll worker’s station.

Things could be made so much easier for the voters at these voting poll stations. Speaking for myself at age 74, and after seeing long line-ups, it’s time the elderly be treated with more respect at any voting poll stations throughout Canada.

Hopefully the leader of our country will heed my letter concerning the problems occurring at the voting stations and mark a big “C” for correction so I and many other voters can carry on attending voting poll stations in the future.

Less waiting time, no line-ups and fewer ID requirements are very little to ask for the people.

Clarence Landry