Dundee Resort and Golf Club and Moosehead Breweries Support L’Arche Cape Breton

Sonny Graywall, owner of the Dundee Resort and Golf Club presents members of L’Arche Cape Breton with proceeds from the Moosehead Summer Send-Off Golf Tournament. In the photo, Graywall is pictured with L’Arche Cape Breton members Josie MacEachern, Sandy MacIsaac and Jonathan MacEachern.

Dundee Resort and Golf Club and Moosehead Breweries Support L’Arche Cape Breton

DUNDEE: For the past two years, the Dundee Resort and Golf Club and Moosehead Breweries have sponsored the “Moosehead Summer Send-Off” golf tournament in support of L’Arche Cape Breton. The tournament, held at the Dundee Resort on the last Thursday of August, is a great way to extend the fun times of summer while supporting the local L’Arche community.

The mission of L’Arche is to transform society by illustrating that people with intellectual disabilities have something to offer to everyone, often touching hearts through their simplicity and vulnerability. L’Arche strives to provide an environment which encourages emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth. This is achieved through person-centered planning, education, support and special training.

L’Arche Cape Breton, founded in 1983, has grown to include six homes where 25 core members (people with intellectual disabilities) live with 28 assistants, a chapel, a house of welcome and retreat, an organic garden program, an arts and crafts studio, two used clothing stores, a café and bakery and a summer program for youth with intellectual disabilities. L’Arche Cape Breton depends upon charitable donations to support community members in their day programs.

The Dundee/Moosehead Summer Send-Off golf tournament is assisting L’Arche Cape Breton in their efforts to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability or disability, has the chance to reveal their gifts and to make a meaningful contribution to society.