Dundee Resort to host Folk Music Festival in May

The Dundee Resort and Golf Club will host the inaugural Dundee Resort Folk Music Festival from May 10-12.

DUNDEE: The Dundee Resort and Golf Club will host its first ever Folk Music Festival this spring.

From May 10-12, the Richmond County facility will host what organizers hope is the first of many Dundee Resort Folk Music Festivals.

Organizer Krista Luddington said the planning process started in the fall.

“We’re super excited about it,” Luddington told The Reporter. “Things have started to slowly fall into place.

“With any festival it takes time. We’re starting on a smaller scale but it’s something that appeals to everyone and then if that goes well, maybe next year we can grow a bit…”

Dundee Resort operations manager Judy McNamara said they are working closely with festival organizers to make this a great event. This is the first time the resort will open this early in the season, and McNamara said the reaction in the community has been great.

“We’re looking at multiple ways to try to extend the season, as are a lot of seasonal businesses on the island, and this is one avenue that Krista’s investigated that seems to be getting a lot of interest,” McNamara noted. “We’re doing really well with phone calls and interest on-line already so it’s fantastic.”

Organizers are calling the folk festival a VIP weekend as it will be open only to festival goers.

“In terms of quiet time after 10, or anything like that, that’s not really the goal,” Luddington noted. “The goal is to try and get as much music happening in the hotel as humanly possible over the weekend and for folks to meet each other and mingle, and hopefully make some connections, and hopefully they’ll want to come back next year.”

Luddington said the deep pool of local talent and the amount of music fans in the region were some of the reasons to host the festival.

“… In Richmond County, there’s not really a lot out there in terms of full-on music-related weekends,” Luddington explained. “And there’s so much talent in the area that we thought this would be a great opportunity to, first of all, try and do our part in extending the tourism season, to get folks to visit Richmond County, and secondly, really start to showcase folks in the area…”

The weekend will start with check-in on Friday, then a jam session that evening hosted by Jay and Krista Luddington. Those interested in attending are encouraged to take their instruments.

“I’m a musician myself and I can tell you the best times and the best learning is when you’re surrounding yourself with other musicians,” Luddington said. “They all come from different experiences and they all have some different knowledge behind them, and then you put them in a room, it can be quite magical.”

On Saturday afternoon, there will be four, one-hour workshops, including a Storyteller’s Song Session, as well as one on the Acadian culture, another will be about “Songs by the Sea,” and finally, a “Celtic Hour.”

The featured acts for the main event on Saturday night include J.P. Cormier and Dave Gunning.

Even those who aren’t musicians will be able to enjoy the weekend as it offers a little something for everyone – especially a great time with excellent food and music.

Packages and bookings are available now at the Dundee Resort Web site: www.dundeeresort.com.

McNamara explained there are currently two packages for the weekend, and there is a possibility of more.

“We’ve got two packages, the standard package which allows you to take in all aspects of the weekend; the jam session, the workshops and the main event,” McNamara said. “Then we have all-inclusive packages that include wine and chocolate-covered strawberries upon arrival in your room, and meals, and a round of golf each.”

More information on the festival, as well as other events, can be found on the Dundee Resort and Golf Club Facebook page.